DYNAMO has stunned Londoners by levitating through the air whilst holding onto the upper deck of a 543 bus.

The illusionist appeared to use just one hand to stop himself from plunging into the busy oncoming traffic below. The bus, which was carrying passengers, passed alongside the Houses of Parliament before continuing in its path across Westminster Bridge.

Many of the people who had witnessed his trick took to Twitter afterwards to ask how he had done it, with some offering up theories such as the use of a fake arm. The mystery remains unsolved.

The act was performed on Sunday as part of a promotional launch for soft drink company Pepsi Max.

The magician has already defied the laws of gravity when he walked on water across the River Thames in his documentary Dynamo: Magician Impossible in 2011.

Dynamo's Pepsi Max sponsored magic show will begin on 11 July on Watch.