Occasionals vigoro mums and daughters (from left) Deanne Lawrie and Joanne Harding, and Chantel and Jorja Collie.
Occasionals vigoro mums and daughters (from left) Deanne Lawrie and Joanne Harding, and Chantel and Jorja Collie.

Magic milestones where mums, daughters share joy

HAVING just celebrated the Ipswich Vigoro Association (IVA)'s 90th anniversary, Occasionals added more milestones to the sport's wonderful history.

Ipswich under-14 co-captains Jorja Collie and Joanne Harding made their first division debuts, playing with their mums Deanne Lawrie and Chantel Collie.

Deanne had a week earlier received her IVA life membership for her invaluable contribution to the sport.

On Saturday, Deanne got to bat with her daughter Joanne during her team's latest victory.

Jorja also joined her mum Chantel in the top grade encounter.

Senior Occasionals player Melinda Park said they were magic moments as the juniors stepped up to bat or field with their mothers at the East Ipswich grounds.

"At the 90's (anniversary function), we spent a lot of time talking about that multi generational aspect of our sport,'' Park said.

"The mums, the daughters, the granddaughters, great grandchildren that are all playing, or who have played.

"On Saturday, you get two mother and daughter combos who have their A-Grade debut there.

"We all love the game and we love winning and there's certain milestones as a team but those little family moments along the way are just nice.''

FINE HISTORY: 90 years of Ipswich achievement

Occasionals are fittingly competition leaders at the halfway stage of the season.

"It's been a long time since we've been in double figures heading into the Christmas break on the points table,'' Park said.

"It was nice to get the win. Our team really pulled together.''

Occasionals secured the first innings victory after dismissing Wildcats for 59 before posting a healthy 111.

Opener Deanne Lawrie top scored with 48, showing the younger generation she has lost none of her batting skills.

Another highlight was Occasionals veterans player Lynne Barnes finishing with 4/8 and 2/16.

"Lyn has always been that solid, consistent player for years and years,'' Park said.

"Then you get a game like that on Saturday where you need one of your senior players to stand up and she helps out.''

On a hot day with some regular players missing, Park said those family and loyalty moments typified what vigoro was about.

"You come off the back of the 90th (anniversary) and you think in all those years, it's always taken just one game to make a new milestone,'' Park said.

"A lot of good things come out of the game on Saturday.''

In the other first division match, T.C United secured an 83 run win on the first innings over Sports.

Occasionals lead first division on 22 points, from Sports (20), T.C United (19) and Wildcats (9).

Sports are current Division 2 pacesetters on 31 points, from Occasionals (15), Wildcats (13) and T.C. United (12).

Ipswich vigoro competition senior matches resume on January 9.


Ipswich vigoro results December 5.

1st Division: Occasionals 111 defeated Wildcats 59 & 51 by innings and one run.

Occasionals batting: Deanne Lawrie 48, Kelly O'Doherty 18, Amanda 10.

Bowling: Lynne Barnes 4/8 & 2/16, Deanne Lawrie 1/9, Melinda Park 1/11.

Wildcats batting: Marie Dennis 26 & 18, Rachel Savage 11, Bailey Whyte 11 n/o.

Bowling: Marie Dennis 1/9, Rebecca DeGraff 1/9, Kerryn Graham 2/20.

T.C. United 122 defeated Sports 39 & 80 (time) by 83 runs on the 1st innings.

T.C. United batting: Megan Daley 78, Jodie Spall 11, Clare Gillett 9.

Bowling: Jodie Spall 5/18, Shannon Brackin 6/15.

Sports batting: Lee Scudds 29 Kasey Stephens 14 & 8, Cassidy Hammond 5 & 8.

Bowling: Lee Scudds 3/31 & 1 r/o, Kasey Stephans 1/12 & 1 r/o.

2nd Division: Occasionals 86 & 22 defeated Wildcats 76 & 12 (time) by 10 runs on 1st innings.

Occasionals batting: Rohan Darr 24, Julia Chudleigh 33, Jane Bickle 9.

Bowling: Julia Chudleigh 3/7, Reannon Mullins 2/5, Julie Joel 4/13.

Wildcats batting: Rebecca DeGraff 16, Rebecca Baartz 14, Bailey Whyte 6.

Bowling: Liz Bartley 3/1, Rebecca DeGraff 5/10, Ruby Bartley 3/31 & 1/5.

T.C. United 81 defeated Sports 91 & 61 (time) by 10 runs on the 1st innings.

T.C. United batting: Georgia Weller 29, Pauline Marsh 20, Renee Peters 8

Bowling: Hannah Balke 2/2, Frankie Murray 4/23, Georgia Weller 1/8.

Sports batting: Cassidy Hammond 31 retired, Taurice Anderson 16, Bailey Whyatt 16.

Bowling: Cassidy Hammond 5/11 & 1 r/o, Maddie Taber 1/10.

Juniors: Sports 36 & 29 defeated T.C.United 30 & 13 by 22 runs.

Sports batting: Rebecca Rich 7 n/o, James Johnston 7 n/o.

Bowling: Lilly Hall 1/3, Evelyn Johnston 1/11.

T.C. United batting: Harry Dewson 10 n/o, Lucas Darr 10 n/o.

Bowling: Meika Elliott 1 / 2, Corey Chudleigh 1/6.