The estranged son of Steve Burley has claimed the reality star abandoned him in the UK when he was four years’ old and never returned.
The estranged son of Steve Burley has claimed the reality star abandoned him in the UK when he was four years’ old and never returned.

MAFS star’s son makes shock claims

After footage of Married At First Sight star Steve Burley crying over his estranged son aired Monday night, Tony Burley has come out swinging, claiming his father abandoned him decades ago.

Despite Steve's emotional breakdown over his fractured relationship with his 33-year-old son, Tony says the star has shown no interest in their relationship, having abandoned him in England almost three decades ago.

Tony told Daily Mail Australia that after Steve, 51, and his mother split up in 1991, he packed his bags and left, only returning when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer eight years ago.

In Monday's episode, Steve was emotional as he cried to "wife" Mishel about his son, saying "I haven't seen him for so long," and talking about a planned trip to Australia that didn't go ahead.

"I love my son 'Shel," he said.

"He was due to come over here and I hadn't said anything to anyone or told anyone, I was super excited about it. I haven't seen him for so long,"

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Tony said: "I have seen him once in 29 years since (he left) and he's never met his grandchildren."

Tony continued: "When I was six I was living with my grandparents and he promised he'd come to see me and take me for a pub lunch - but he never turned up.

"I sat at the window all day waiting. I never spoke to him after that until I was an adult. My mum tried to get in touch with him, but nothing."

He went on to explain that his family discovered Steve had embarked on a new life on the other side of the world years later.

Steve now owns a barbershop in Melbourne.

Tony did say he caught up with his dad eight years ago when Steve was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

"He told me I should get myself checked," he said.

"I was angry at him for most of my life and didn't want to see him at first, but he promised he really wanted to build a relationship with me. And then nothing."

When Steve returned to Melbourne, according to Tony, communication again fizzled out.

"I really do think that things would have been different in my life if I had a male role model and a dad. He's never taught me anything."

The only thing that I've learnt from him never being around is to do the opposite of that and never leave my children. That's why I'm now a single full-time dad," he said.

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