MOUNT Crosby model Madeline Stuart stole the spotlight once again when she took to the catwalk at New York Fashion Week for the second time in her career.

Walking for fashion brand FTL Moda, young Maddy modelled confidently while wearing a white winter-themed outfit and a purple and gold evening gown.

The teenager showcased the signature smile that has won the hearts of people world-wide and waved to the crowd at the end of the runway.

Since her Facebook page went viral in May last year the teen, who has Down syndrome, has used her modelling career to promote equality and acceptance for people with disabilities.

She now has more than 580,000 followers on Facebook and 112,000 on Instagram.

Her mother Rosanne said Maddy was "ecstatic" to brave the American winter and walk at New York Fashion Week once again.

FASHION ICON: Mt Crosby teen Madeline ‘Maddy’ Stuart has once again modelled at New York Fashion Week.
FASHION ICON: Mt Crosby teen Madeline ‘Maddy’ Stuart has once again modelled at New York Fashion Week. Must Be April Photography

"Our time at fashion week this time was amazing. We went to a lot more parties and got a lot more involved," she said.

"Her favourite part of course was owning the runway, she loves that more than anything else in the world.

"Even though Maddy was still the most talked about model at New York Fashion Week, there was not as much attention and a lot of people just didn't make such a fuss this time which was nice. It was more the norm."

Although Maddy's passion for the runway has taken her around the world, she still finds time to work on projects in her home town.

The model recently opened a number of dance studios for people with special needs in Ipswich and Brisbane.

"At the moment Madeline is working very hard with her dance company Inside Outside Dance Ensemble, which she is the ambassador for, so she can help as many people as possible with confidence and fitness," Ms Stuart said.

In spite of her busy schedule, Maddy is now enjoying a well-deserved break at home before once again heading overseas.

"Next we head to Hawaii to do a television series followed by an editorial in Milan and Berlin before later in the year going to South Africa, Uganda, Mauritius, London and Alaska," Ms Stuart said.

"She will also be going to New York again, Tokyo and Rio."

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