Peter Luxton
Peter Luxton Sarah Harvey

Luxton: 'I gave the election my best'

PETER Luxton has congratulated Mayor Paul Pisasale on his win while expressing his disappointment and the slow pace of the Ipswich mayoral count.

On Sunday morning when Mr Luxton spoke to the QT only 56% of the vote had been counted with Cr Pisasale way out in front on 84.85%, Gary Duffy on 9.01% and Mr Luxton on 6.14%.

"I would like to see a bit more of the vote counted," Mr Luxton said.

"I didn't get up but I am pleased with how I have gone so far.

"I feel the Electoral Commission Queensland could do with some staffing because the booth I was at was serving two divisions and there were only four officers processing votes and a huge queue outside.

"If they want people to engage in government they need to look after them better when they turn up to vote.

"It's a big issue because at the last election only 70% turned up to vote and people will think 'it's a $20 fine and it's going to take an hour of my time', which is probably worth more than $20.

"I blame the State Government for this."

Mr Luxton said he was proud of at least having a crack at his third election.

"I ran so that people had a choice and I am delighted that many exercised that choice," he said.

"I do congratulate Paul Pisasale because I do know that he works very hard, and deserves every vote he gets.

"I can't keep up with him. I am there to win, but I am also there so people have a choice.

"I am more shattered that Graham Quirk got up in Brisbane."

Mr Luxton was contesting his third election against Cr Pisasale for the Ipswich mayoralty.

He was consistent with his campaign message, focusing on building more libraries and public pools and encouraging sustainable development.