RECOVERING from his own medical scare, Ipswich father Greg Walsh was a relieved man today sitting by his son's bedside in Orange Hospital.

Greg had just flown down to check on the progress of racing driver Ash after his son was involved in Sunday's horrific crash at Bathurst.

Ash, in his Audi, was sent spinning sideways across the Mount Panaroma circuit after his high-speed incident with Bryce Fullwood, in his MARC Focus, and John Martinas (driving his no 19 Mercedes).

The massive crash left the three cars unable to be cleared in time for the  Bathurst 12 Hour race to continue.

Amid the drama, Walsh was airlifted to Orange Hospital.

Having just seen his son, Greg said the former Ipswich Grammar School student had come out of the wreckage better than expected.

Ipswich racer Ash Walsh.
Ipswich racer Ash Walsh. Brad Jones Racing

"He's very lucky,'' Greg said.

"I'm just with him now. He's still in Orange Hospital.

"He's come out of it pretty good, just severe bruising, nothing broken.''

Greg said he mainly had a bad cut to his left elbow "which they want to operate on just to make sure that everything is okay - nerves and tendons and clean it out so he doesn't get any infection.''

Ipswich born and bred Ash was racing in the 12 hour event leading into another big motorsport season where he's been re-signed to contest this year's Supercars enduro series with Brad Jones Racing.

He was also involved in a high speed crash just before last October's Bathurst 1000.

Rohrig managing director Glenn Rohrig and G.J. Walsh partner Greg Walsh at the announcement of significant development at Brothers Leagues Club.
Brothers Leagues Club chairman Greg Walsh (right). Rob Williams

On that occasion, Ash was test driving a car at Phillip Island when the car barrel-rolled four times travelling at 280/290 km/hour.

Greg recently had major heart surgery, receiving valuable support from his business partners while he recuperated.

However, the Brothers Leagues Club chairman and supportive Ipswich dad was today focused on making sure his son was okay.

"I think he handled it pretty well,'' Greg said of Ash's latest motorsport mishap.

"He's obviously very sore today but with a bit of luck, hopefully they will be able to operate on him today and he can be released today and we can fly home tonight.''