Josie Fielding
Josie Fielding

Low-scoring games fail to faze gun Lions defender

AS ONE of the competition's elite defenders, Kate Lutkins has no issue with the perceived lack of scoring in the AFLW.

The Brisbane general helped restrict reigning premier Adelaide to 3.3 (21) in the Lions' 13-point opening-round win at Brisbane's Hickey Park.

Elsewhere, the Giants (9) and Suns (8) produced the lowest-scoring match in the league's four-year history, albeit in terrible conditions.

"Obviously I don't have a problem with the low scoring," the Ipswich product said.

"Each game is just as competitive - whether it's a 20, 30 or two-point game.

"We like keeping the opposition as low as we can each week.

"The scoring in the games, it's all relative.

"The only game that didn't really have any points was in atrocious weather. Even then you can't take anything away from those girls. They battled it out for the entire game. It was a hard slog. None of them gave up."



Opposition teams will certainly continue to struggle getting past Lutkins' backline unit, even under blue skies if Round 1 is any guide.

Lutkins produced one of the moments of the win over the Crows, taking a contender for mark of the week.

"I didn't think it was that spectacular," she said.

"(Teammate) Shannon (Campbell) did all the hard work (helping keep her direct opponent at bay). I just came in over the top.

"Friends and family and work colleagues are all having a vote (for the grab), so we'll see."


Lions celebrate the win over the Crows.
Lions celebrate the win over the Crows.


The Lions played eight debutants in the game.

"If you were a first time punter watching the game you would not have been able to pick out the young ones playing. You would not have had a clue who was playing their first game or having their 24th out there," Lutkins said.

"Everyone just got out there and played their role."

Among them mature-age recruit Cathy Svarc, 27.

"Her speed is a weapon out of the backline," Lutkins said. "We've got to take advantage of that."

Fellow first-gamer Dakota Davidson also shone in attack, kicking two late goals.

"It's amazing having a forward crashing packs, bringing the ball to ground and then following up her work," Lutkins said.

"It always makes you feel good as a back, cause you work your ass off to get it up there and it's nice for it not to come back straight away."


Dakota Davidson in action last week.
Dakota Davidson in action last week.


The Lions travel to Geelong tomorrow to take on the Cats after their first-up loss to Fremantle.

"Geelong is a very strong team, very fit, very fast, with very smart players. We definitely won't be underestimating them," Lutkins said. "We've only had one game for one win ... we need to just keep doing what we need to do."

Lutkins, 31, will be among four Lions playing their 25th game - a milestone in the AFLW, which comprises seven home-and-away rounds before the finals. Captain Emma Zielke, Emily Bates and Ally Anderson are the others.

"I've been pretty fortunate to play every game so far," Lutkins said, "thanks to all our staff who has been able to manage everyone individually to such a high standard."

"It's pretty exciting. It's taken us four years.

"I think we worked out it would be a ridiculous amount of seasons to reach 100. I think I might handball that one to some of the younger girls coming through ... 50? Maybe, maybe."