JUST KEEP SWINGING: Louis Dobbelaar has been able to efficiently juggle school work and golf, and is seeing the results from both.
JUST KEEP SWINGING: Louis Dobbelaar has been able to efficiently juggle school work and golf, and is seeing the results from both. David Nielsen

Louis puts putter away in favour of notepad

LOUIS Dobbelaar has become quite adept at juggling his fledgling golfing career with high school work.

The 16-year-old is now in his final year of schooling, and has shifted his focus slightly to ensure he gets the best results possible.

"I've gotten into some good habits this year with getting school work done on time, my golf training, and the gym,” Dobbelaar said.

"I've found a good balance. Once you find that routine, it just flows.”

Dobbelaar is already one of the most accomplished young golfers in the country.

His trophy cabinet includes the 2015 Queensland Boys Amateur and 2016 New Zealand Amateur.

And he just captained Queensland to a historic Boys Junior Interstate Series victory in Perth.

But the Brookwater golfer admits he may have tried to fast-track his development a little too quickly.

He acknowledged a quieter year on the greens may actually help him in the long run.

"You have so much time in golf. Guys have made it onto the PGA tour at 40,” he said.

"It's important to just keep following the correct steps. I feel like the last two years, the tournaments I've been playing in have been above my calibre.

"I've had to play really well just to make the cut. I've been pushing above my weight and trying to play in stuff I'm not ready for.”

Dobbelaar listed commercial aviation and something he would be interested in if golf did not pan out - but admitted he had not given a life away from golf much consideration.

"I haven't thought about it a whole lot,” he said.

"I am interested in aviation - commercial piloting and stuff like that. But until I get to a point where I'm not satisfied (with golf), it's something I'll continue to pursue.”

Fresh from his Boys Interstate Series win, Dobbelaar is hoping to do the double with the Men's side at The Grange Golf Club in South Australia next week.

"This will be my second year in the men's team,” he said.

"Being in that environment is unbelievable. Being around your mates is so fun.”

Dobbelaar, the 805th-ranked amateur in the world, will team with the likes of Dylan Perry (26) and Shae Wools-Cobb (27) for the three-day tournament.

"We've got (two) players that are inside the top 50 in the world on our team,” he said.

"To be able to practice and train with them is so valuable.

"They've all had long journeys, and it's just cool to be learning off and playing with them.

"They've all done the hours. To see their work is the same work I'm doing, and to see their results paying off (is encouraging) for me.

"We're all on the same path trying to get the same thing. Just having a good bunch of people around you - there's so much to learn from.”