Looting free-for-all rocks America


Renewed looting is taking place in some places in the United States, with the high-end Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles hit hard again.

Footage appears to show looters ransacking an art gallery.

It comes after hundreds of looters targeted a car dealership in San Leandro.

The Los Angeles Times reports nearly 80 cars were stolen, with some being driven out right in front of police.

Walmart, Home Depot and Costco were also hit hard.

Police said there were "hundreds of looters, if not thousands."



Looting takes places in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.
Looting takes places in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

It comes as videos surface of rocks and bricks being "strategically" placed around cities across the United States to allegedly make vandalism easier for looters.

Pallets and crates of bricks have been found unattended among protests areas in New York, Kansas City, Dallas and Fayetteville in North Carolina.

In the latest incident, New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea posted a video of a cop cleaning up some crates of rocks.

"This is what our cops are up against: Organised looters, strategically placing caches of bricks & rocks at locations throughout NYC," he wrote on Twitter.



But a city councillor later tweeted that the rocks were construction debris.

"This is in my district," Treyger wrote. "I went to the site. This construction debris was left near a construction site on Ave X in Gravesend.

"Could be evidence of a developer breaking law since phase 1 hasn't begun, but there was no evidence of organised looting on X last night that I'm aware of."





People claim in some videos that bricks have been left out for looters, while others said they're for construction.

Locals in certain areas, however, say there are no construction sites nearby.

Kansas City Police confirmed the set ups were happening in some parts of the Missouri city.







BBC News investigated one clip from Fayetteville in North Carolina and found the bricks had been in that location since at least May 24, the day before George Floyd was killed.

Protests continue across the US in response to Mr Floyd's death.

All four police officers involved in Mr Floyd's death had been charged, and the officer at the centre of the case is facing an upgraded charge of second-degree murder.





Protests have become increasingly violent, overshadowing peaceful demonstrators campaigning for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Arson, looting and vandalism are rampant, with businesses set alight, defaced and robbed and police vehicles left smouldering in the streets.






People loot a business along Madison Avenue in mid-town Manhattan. Picture: Justin Lane
People loot a business along Madison Avenue in mid-town Manhattan. Picture: Justin Lane


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