Woman hunts for answers after finding clue in old photograph

Redbank Plains resident Tracy Millwood has always been fascinated by the history of her city, more so when she found out her great grandparents use to own a fish and chip shop in Ipswich.

Tracy Millwood decided to dig up more information about her family's history in Ipswich when she discovered some interesting facts about her husband's family.

"I was just creating a family tree after I did my husband's family tree and found out his fourth great grandmother was an Aboriginal woman," she said.

After setting out to find out more about her family she stumbled across a photograph of her great grandparents.

Andrew Agnew Colvin and Sarah Colvin circa 1949
Andrew Agnew Colvin and Sarah Colvin circa 1949

"From what I can tell is that they lived on the corner of Downs and Lawrence street back in 1949 and that was from census records," she said.

"And then I found out from my aunties and uncles that they owned a fish and chip shop, but they don't remember much because they were very little.

"Andrew Agnew Colvin was great grandfathers name and my great grandmothers name was Sarah Colvin born Sarah Murray."

Ms Millwood has reached out to online historical society pages to find out more information about her great grandparents.

"I did have one gentleman suggest that maybe Colvin Street was named after them but I highly doubt that.

"They had lived in New South Wales during the 30s and they weren't a family of prestige so I doubt a street would've been named after them."

Ms Millwood said her great grandparents had moved Ipswich during the 40s when her grandmother was already living in Ipswich.

"From what I know my great grandparents moved up to be closer to my grandmother."

Tracy hopes to find more information about her great grandparents and their fish and chip shop in Ipswich in a bid to help complete her family tree.

If you have any information that can help Tracy or if you have a historical story you want help from the community figuring out, email me at samtui.selave@qt.com.au

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