LOOK UP! Roulettes to wow with low-level aerobatics display

If you missed the RAAF Roulettes at Riverfire last weekend, or you simply want to see them again, then you'll have the chance tomorrow at the Archerfield Open House.

The Roulettes team will conduct a low-level aerobatics flying display to demonstrate the skills and manoeuvres that have entertained Australian crowds for almost five decades.

The team will showcase the high performance and manoeuvrability of the Pilatus PC-9 and demonstrate the superior level of skill achieved by Air Force pilots.

This is a great opportunity for members of the public to come and meet Air Force's dedicated aerobatics team and watch as they perform their spectacular 15-minute choreographed display.

The Roulettes' breathtaking displays see them fly within three metres of each other; reach speeds up to 550 kilometres per hour; and fly as low as 60 metres above the ground. Roulettes pilots also experience up to 6G (six times the normal force of gravity) during their displays.

When the Roulettes are not showcasing their skills, they teach other qualified military pilots to become flying instructors, at Central Flying School at East Sale in Victoria.

The Roulettes team comprises seven members; six of whom fly the display, with Roulette Seven flying the spare aircraft, providing commentary and ground liaison.

Note: Air Force demonstrations are weather dependent and subject to operational requirements.

More information about the Roulettes is available on the website and on Facebook: airforce.gov.au/Interact/Roulettes

What, When and Where:

  • What: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Roulettes Aerobatics Display at Archerfield Open House
  • When: Saturday, 7 October 2017, at 10am
  • Where: Archerfield Airport, Beatty Road, Archerfield QL