Fraser Coast Regional Council - Mayor Chris Loft.
Fraser Coast Regional Council - Mayor Chris Loft. Alistair Brightman

Mayor hits out at sack threat, deletes post, pledges to make Coast Qld's best region

FRASER Coast Mayor Chris Loft faces the prospect of being sacked or suspended by the State Government if he doesn't improve his conduct.

A letter from Local Government Minister Mark Furner to Cr Loft advising him of remedial action being taken against him was tabled in parliament yesterday.

But Cr Loft hit back on his Facebook page yesterday, saying he would be releasing a statement in response to the letter and telling his supporters "I will not be bullied for standing up for what's right".

LOCAL GOVERNMENT MINISTER: The mayor left me no other option

He later removed the post.

On Friday morning, Cr Loft wrote in a Facebook post that while his "methods might be unorthodox and sometimes put me at odds with rules and regulations", he was motivated to make Fraser Coast the best council in Queensland.

In the letter Mr Furner outlined a series of inappropriate conduct and misconduct findings against Cr Loft.

The latest misconduct complaint was sustained by the tribunal on September 1, which found Cr Loft had improperly disclosed confidential information to third parties.

He has been ordered to pay a monetary penalty of $1000 and to make an apology at the next council meeting.

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It will be the third time Cr Loft has been ordered to apologise at a council meeting.

In addition Cr Loft has been directed to review the responsibilities of councillors and mayors and the provisions of the council's Councillor Code of Conduct.

Within a month, Cr Loft is required to provide a written conduct plan to Mr Furner detailing the steps he intends to take to comply with local government principles, his responsibilities as a councillor and mayor and the Councillor Code of Conduct.

Every month for the next six months, Cr Loft is required to meet with the Director-General of DILGP Frankie Carroll and a report will be provided to Mr Furner outlining how and the extent to which the mayor has complied with the conduct plan.

"I sincerely hope that the orders made against you and the above directions will ensure that there is no repeat of the conduct you have found to be engaged in," Mr Furner wrote in the letter.

"Any repeat of such conduct will not be tolerated.

"In the event such conduct was to continue in contravention or my direction, or you are the subject of further adverse findings, I will consider exercising powers available to me under section 122 of the Act to recommend to the Governor-in-Council that a mayor or councillor be suspended or removed if he or she has 'seriously or continuously breached the local government principles' or is 'incapable of performing their responsibilities'.