Local leaders rally to tackle hooning

With more motorists returning to use the roads as restrictions ease Ipswich Police and local leaders have been urging people to report hooning as it happens.

Sergeant Nadine Webster said it was vital for people to report the crime in order to help keep people safe.

“Obviously with the restrictions starting to ease and going into stage 2 now of road maps for easing restrictions we’re seeing more vehicles on the road and with this comes an increase in traffic offences which includes hooning,” she said.

While people may think hooning offences are limited to burnouts and doughnuts Sgt Webster said hooning can be categorised as a variety of offences that can result in someone losing their license or having the car impounded.

“Hooning can include things like the playing of excessively loud music from car stereos,” she said.

“It can also include instances where a person is driving a vehicle erratically and drink or drug driving.”

Sgt Webster said the best thing to do was to report hooning as soon as possible.

“I really want to emphasise to people not to wait until the next day or to wait a week later before they make a complaint – report it straight away.”

Member for Ipswich West Jim Madden has been encouraging his constituents to report the crime as it happened.

“Hoons go out to isolated areas like Wivenhoe and Swanbank – I just want to say a huge thank you to QPS for helping solve these issues.”

To report hooning call the Queensland Hooning Hotline on 131 666.