Mt Druitt Traffic and Highway Patrol pull the man over.
Mt Druitt Traffic and Highway Patrol pull the man over. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

#LOADFAIL: That's not how you tow a car

IN terms of attempting to towing a load, this effort was certainly one of the more ambitious.

A man has been caught trying to tow a two-door hatchback - jam-packed full of industrial items - perched precariously on top of a box trailer in Mt Druitt yesterday.

Police have called the incident the "one of the worst load fails" in recent years after they stopped a man about 7.08am on Carlisle Ave yesterday.

The man tries to tow a small car on a box trailer through Mt Druitt. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

The man was allegedly driving a silver Toyota Camry towing a box trailer with a small red car propped up on two planks of wood and strapped down.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Chief Inspector Phillip Brooks said it posed a significant risk to both the towing driver and other road users was significant.

"The safety issue in that particular situation that vehicle is too heavy for that particular trailer," Insp Brooks said.

"In a heavy breaking situation … that vehicle will leave that trailer.

"It certainly highlights on of the worst load fails that Traffic and Highway Patrol have encountered in recent times."

The two-door hatchback rests on two timber planks. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Insp Brooks said if the driver had to break suddenly the towed car would potentially fallen off the trailer and into the way of traffic or rammed into the back windscreen.

"It was full of industrial parts … that vehicle was made heavier than it should be which makes it much more of a projectile."

The car was full of heavy industrial items, making it even heavier. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Because of the potential danger to other road users, Insp Brooks said the fine did not meet the gravity of the situation.

The man was issued with number infringements including exceeding load mass limit and tow vehicle with load causing instability.

He was fined $433 and three demerits.

Insp Brooks said the post had received the biggest response since the Facebook page's inception in 2012.

It has been shared more than 10,500 times and reached more than three million people.


The rear tyre of the towing vehicle is clearly under a lot of pressure from the weight of the load. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command