Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause (left) wants the dump stopped.
Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause (left) wants the dump stopped. Sarah Marshall

LNP: Step up and stop council considering the super dump

THE State Government should step up and call in BMI's application to build its super dump in Ipswich, the Opposition argues.

As Ipswich City Council responds to dozens of residents opposed to the super dump proposal, the LNP wants the government to take the matter out of council hands.

LNP Member for Scenic Rim Jon Krause has called on the State Government to intervene on the controversial development application.

"Annastacia Palaszczuk has failed to listen to the concerns of local residents who don't want these super dumps in their back yard," he said.

"Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to call this proposal in and scrap it.

"It's time for Labor to stop taking Ipswich for granted."

Under the Sustainable Planning Act, the minister has the ability to call in an application they consider affects an "economic or environmental interest of the state or a part of the state".

If the minister decides to call in a development application, he becomes the assessment manager for the application.

It then allows the minister to undertake an assessment or a re-assessment of the application against the state interests, or on planning merit against the relevant planning instruments.

In his submission to the council, HPC Urban Design and Planning director Ernie Harvey recommended the council "refuse the application".

He argues the application does not comply with changes to town planning laws.

"The proposal is in conflict with Temporary Local Planning Instrument and inconsistent with the outcomes sought by the Swanbank/New Chum Waste Activity Code, and therefore constitutes undesirable development," Mr Harvey wrote.

Mr Krause said Labor had "slugged Queenslanders" with a waste levy which was "supposed to stop Ipswich becoming the dumping ground" of the state.