The Ipswich Transit Centre, taken from David Trumpy Bridge on January 12, the day the Bremer River peaked.
The Ipswich Transit Centre, taken from David Trumpy Bridge on January 12, the day the Bremer River peaked. Peter Foley

LNP slams dithering over bus station

IPSWICH commuters and bus drivers have been left to fend for themselves while the State Government "continues to dither over repairs to the Ipswich Transit Centre," the LNP says.

As the QT reported on Monday, the future of the transit centre is up in the air nine months after it was inundated by water and mud.

Three weeks after the Bell St bus station went under water, the government said it was committed

to reopening it by the end of February.

After pressure from the Transport Workers Union (TWU), TransLink installed temporary lunch room and toilet facilities for bus drivers but it remains much the same as it was after the flood clean-up and bus drivers told the QT they were fed up with temporary arrangements.

LNP Transport Minister Scott Emerson said it was "beyond a joke" that the government promised to reopen the Transit Centre by the end of February but the centre remained closed.

"It's another case of the Bligh government failing to make a decision and the impact this is having on Ipswich commuters and bus drivers," Mr Emerson said.

"It's pathetic to hear reports that bus drivers are being forced to duck behind bushes because the toilets at the centre remain closed - while other drivers and commuters who have the time are forced to walk to the shopping centre to use toilets there.

"It's not good enough and is a slap in the face for Ipswich.

"It's unbelievable no one has heard from local Labor Members - Rachel Nolan, Wayne Wendt or Jo-Ann Miller.

"They don't care that Ipswich residents need and deserve to have an operational Transit Centre with decent facilities for commuters and bus drivers.

"Labor can't keep blaming the floods forever."

Acting Transport Minister Cameron Dick said the government was "looking at the viability of the site".

"Due to the extensive damage caused by the floods, the centre will be closed for the immediate future," Mr Dick said.

"We're committed to reaching the best solution for everyone who uses these services. TransLink, Queensland Rail and the Transport and Main Roads are working together to provide amenities for drivers and passengers while a long-term solution is found."