LNP and Labor disagree on VLAD convictions by 1700
LNP and Labor disagree on VLAD convictions by 1700 Bev Lacey

LNP and Labor disagree on VLAD laws' success

THE difference between 1700 and zero is a lot.

The Queensland Government claims the anti-bikie laws have resulted in 1700 convictions. The Opposition believes no one has been convicted under the laws.

Acting police minister John McVeigh yesterday said the laws have stopped criminals "running riot" on streets and placing police stations "under siege", but Labor said the laws had been a failure.

Mr McVeigh said the government's bikie laws had jailed 1700 people for 4700 offences since they were introduced just over 12 months ago.

However, Labor MP Jo-Ann Miller said there had been no convictions from the laws, with convictions coming instead from crimes under existing laws.

Mr McVeigh said the laws had forced bikie gangs to shut down and imprisoned their members.

"These laws have been very effective, very effective such that we can see criminal gangs are not free to run riot on our streets, to fight on our streets, to shoot one another and innocent bystanders in shopping centres for example and of course peddle drugs to our children," Mr McVeigh said.

But Ms Miller said the lack of a single conviction under the anti-bikie laws showed they were a failure.

"Where there have been convictions it's been on laws that were previously passed. So there have been no convictions whatsoever under these new laws," Ms Miller said.

"Now these laws have been in place for some time, the government likes to talk up these laws, but where there's been zero convictions you really have to wonder."

Ms Miller said the Opposition would review the laws and take submissions from police, lawyers and any interested Queenslanders and look to replace them with Labor's 2009 anti-bikie laws.

But Mr McVeigh said repealing the laws would allow gangs to re-establish themselves in Queensland.

"That will take us back to the bad old days. It will take us back to bikies and other criminal gang members rioting in the streets, laying our police stations under siege and of course harming innocent bystanders," Mr McVeigh said.