LNP candidate for Blair Robert Shearman.
LNP candidate for Blair Robert Shearman. Cordell Richardson

LNP forgets Ipswich in its fight to hold power

THE Ipswich residents who have demanded cash be spent on vital infrastructure upgrades in our fast-growing region should have reason to celebrate on Saturday night.

Labor has promised $11 million to fix the Mt Crosby Rd and Warrego Highway interchange, $3.5 million for a community sporting hub and $1 million to expand beds at Ipswich Hospice.

Importantly, $750,000 will be spent on a business case for the Springfield rail extension.

This is in addition to Labor matching the Coalition's commitment of $170 million for the Cunningham Highway.

In contrast, the Coalition has not promised a single thing specifically for the Blair electorate.

LNP headquarters has previously said plans were afoot to have ministers visit the electorate and make announcements with candidate Robert Shearman.

That hasn't happened and with four days to go it is unlikely the government will come knocking.

It is too busy desperately sandbagging seats.

Instead the Ipswich region has again been ignored.

It happened in the state campaign and again during this election.

This has not been a battle of ideas and you, Ipswich residents and workers, are poorer for it.