Former Ipswich MP Ian Berry.
Former Ipswich MP Ian Berry. Greg Miller

LNP did the right thing, says Berry

FORMER Ipswich MP Ian Berry insists the LNP had the right strategy to manage the economy for Queensland but just failed to sell it to the public.

It was projected revenues from the sale and lease of assets that the former LNP government said would be used to fund infrastructure.

Mr Berry said he campaigned with a concise message about the LNP being the best economic managers.

But doorknocking early in the campaign Mr Berry said he discovered his party's asset sales strategy was not popular with Ipswich people.

"I got the vibe coming through about assets, and I knew I would probably lose, just after the election had been announced," he said.

"But what we did do was the right thing. It may not have been in the right packaging.

"Sometimes in life you have to do something that you know is right, regardless."

"There will be a day of reckoning. We can't have $80 billion of debt with 2.6 million people working.

"It is going to increase, and you can't borrow to pay back borrowings. It does not work.

"My feeling is that Labor will increase taxes, and that will put pressure on businesses."

Mr Berry, a lawyer, said he was considering undertaking training for a directorship or getting involved in business.

"Law is always available to me, but I don't really want to do it because I have been there and done that," he said.

"I really am a person who only looks forward."