Former LNP president Bruce McIver now heads the Disputes Committee. Picture: Mark Cranitch.
Former LNP president Bruce McIver now heads the Disputes Committee. Picture: Mark Cranitch.

LNP boss expelled for ‘gross disloyalty’

A regional chair has been expelled from the LNP over allegations of "gross disloyalty", a number of other members suspended and membership applications rejected as the power struggle within the conservative party continues.

The Courier-Mail can reveal the chair of the party's "Metro West" region Andrew Tunny - who only won the role earlier this year - was expelled on Friday over an alleged breach of the party's constitution.

Senior party members told The Courier-Mail Mr Tunny was accused of gross disloyalty to the LNP after he refused to be interviewed by the Disputes Committee - led by former party president Bruce McIver - as it attempted to determine how another party member managed to get hold of the email addresses for State Executive members.

Those email addresses were subsequently used to make a complaint of ballot rigging.

Many said they believed the expulsion was designed to send a message as the internal battle over alleged "Christian right" stacking continues.

The State Executive also agreed to suspend others including a member identified as a person of interest by Disputes Committee as it investigates stacking allegations.

The membership applications for those believed to have hosted a contentious meeting on the Gold Coast last year, allegedly attended by far-right extremist Neil Erikson, were also formally rejected, among others.

An LNP spokesman confirmed in a statement on that the party had "dealt with a number of disciplinary issues" on Friday afternoon.

"Those issues have now been resolved.

"State Executive has accepted the recommendation of the Disputes Committee to expel a member who had been serving on the State Executive for breaching clause M. 12 of the LNP's constitution.

"All members of the LNP are required to abide by the Constitution."

Members were made aware of Mr Tunny's expulsion via an email on Friday afternoon.