THE LNP's Llew O'Brien was becoming confident, but was not claiming victory, despite a commanding lead and a majority of votes counted.  

He did concede though that he is in a good position.   Last Australina Electoral Commission figures, with 61 out of 66 booths counted, had the LNP being returned with 57.46% of the vote so far, down from 63.16% last election, with the ALP achieving 42.54% of the vote, a big leap from 36.84% last time.  

One Nation was a stand-out performer, apparently taking votes that went to the Palmer United Party last election, achieving 14.94% of the electorate, followed by the Greens, with 8.07%.  

From there poll support dropped to 2.68% for Family First and 2.54% for Katters Australian Party.  

It seems that no-one so far has given a first preference vote to Palmer United or the Rise Up Australia parties.  

In the region 

Across the Wide Bay region, the LNP appears to have scored primary vote victories in almost all booths, the ALP winning in Cherbourg and narrowly in Glenwood.  

Pauline Hanson's One Nation easily topped the poll in Curra.  

In the Senate vote, the LNP seems well ahead of Labor, but both are set to win multiple Queensland Senators.  

One Nation may win two and the Greens one on the counting so far.  

A final Senate result may not be known for some days.  


NO-ONE was claiming victory or admitting defeat by late evening on election night, but the LNP's Llew O'Brien was glad to be in the lead, a lead which his predecessor as LNP candidate Warren Truss, did not believe would be overcome.

ALP candidate Lucy Stanton could not be contacted at 9.30pm, but the Australian Electoral Commission website's virtual tally room was projecting a two-party preferred result, on current voting, of 57.18% to Mr O'Brien and 42.82% to Ms Stanton.

Mr O'Brien would not admit to being the winner, but supporters were very confident at the LNP's election headquarters, the office of his campaign manager, Gympie accountant Ben Ellingsen.

Comparing with the previous election, Ms Stanton appears to have improved her position substantially, taking the benefit of a swing of nearly 6% against Mr O'Brien.