LIVING THE LOZ LIFE: Businesswoman launches first book

A LOCAL business owner with a passion for healthy living has put her beliefs in print, with the release of her first book which she hopes will change people's lives for the better.

Loz Antonenko, the owner of WOW Mobility, life coach and once the winner of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce's Young Business Person of the Year, wrote the book because of her passion for healthy bodies, healthy minds and overcoming the negatives in life that hold you back.

Lauren Antonenko and Mick Sippell.
Lauren Antonenko and Mick Sippell. Cordell Richardson

Her book, The Healthy Habit Handbook, is her guide to overcoming the things that hold you back from a healthy, happy life, drawing on her own personal experiences.

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"This book for me, was a way to express myself in a way I'd never done so before," Ms Antonenko said. "Having gone through such a tumultuous, emotional journey including losing my husband to suicide, overcoming fear and competing in 13 bodybuilding comps in 14 months as a way to channel my grief, many people said to me how did you do it?

"So I worked out a way to blueprint what I actually did and put that in a form so that I can teach other people to do exactly what I've done."

The business owner and personal trainer finished the book and it is now available on her website, and through shopping giant Amazon.

"The book was an accident, I didn't mean to start writing it in the first place," Loz said. "I basically pulled together a whole heap of blog posts that I've written for a while and filled in the gaps, it took about four months all up and that was the easy part. "The hard part is the editing, getting somebody to read it 10 times over and edit, edit, edit."

Loz hopes that people in Ipswich, and around the world get something out of her book.

"I look at this book as almost like a catalyst to opening myself up to realise that the discipline, dedication and sacrifice that I have applied to parts of my life.

"This is an actionable process for a lot of people, so I really hope that people actually do the exercises, find value in them and move forward in areas where they feel stuck."

Loz has also made an audio version of the book which is at, and is also starting her own podcast series.

"I hope that readers unlock some handbrakes in their life that have been holding them back from their true potential, because that's all this book is really about."

The Healthy Habit Handbook is available at Amazon, Apple books and at