NEW England will try to make more history with their sixth Super Bowl with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick while Philadelphia have a chance at climbing the summit of American football for the first time.

Super Bowl LII pits two of the NFL's biggest and most polarising fanbases against each other in a battle on sport's biggest and most American stage.

Here's everything you need to know about the big game


The match will kick off at about 9:30 AEST, allow ample time for anthems, coin flips and so on and so forth. It should wrap up at about 1:30, so pack in for the long haul. You can watch it all on Channel 7 or ESPN.


As above, the New England Patriots will take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots have won two Super Bowls in the last three years and have appeared in seven all together since coach Bill Belichick took over in 2000, for five wins and two losses. They'll be lead by star quarterback Tom Brady, the only player to appear in all eight and one of the most famous athletes in the world.

Brady has steered the Patriots to countless victories.
Brady has steered the Patriots to countless victories.

Philadelphia has never won a Super Bowl and this is just the third time they've made it to the big game. They have a well-rounded roster under second-year coach Doug Pederson with their major strength coming in their talented and deep defensive line, led by tackle Fletcher Cox. Their quarterback is Nick Foles, who is in the midst of an incredible rise after regular starter Carson Wentz went down injured with a knee injury a few weeks before the end of the regular season.


The Patriots are the defending champions and were favourites to repeat after they picked up some extra attacking weapons in the off-season and had Rob Gronkowski return from injury. A heavy loss on opening night to the Kansas City Chiefs brought them back to earth but since then it's been a typically Patriots season - they've gone 13-3 and have won their last five matches. They downed Tennessee in dominant fashion in the first week of the playoffs and qualified for the Super Bowl courtesy of a comeback win over Jacksonville in the AFC Championship game.

It’s been another season of success for the Pats.
It’s been another season of success for the Pats.

Philadelphia got off to a hot start, and were 101 after 11 weeks. Wentz, drafted second overall the year before, was considered the front runner for MVP and the team were considered a serious championship contender. After Wentz's knee injury in Week 14 many put a line through the Eagles but they've rallied around Foles and their tremendous defence, winning four of their five games under the backup including two upset wins in the playoffs against Atlanta and Minnesota.

Philly has rallied around Foles ever since Wentz was injured.
Philly has rallied around Foles ever since Wentz was injured.


US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, home of the Vikings. The Vikings could have become the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium had they beaten the Eagles last week but they super didn't because they are the Vikings.


The cheapest tickets are going for a cool $2929 while you can get a spot right on halfway for a lazy $100,000. Buy me one, I'll pay you back later.


Everyone hates the Patriots, there's no way around that. They keep winning and have been wrapped up in a couple of cheating scandals. Their fans are also famously insufferable. But they just win, all the time, and every time they look cooked they somehow regroup and keep winning.

The Eagles have the edge on both lines.
The Eagles have the edge on both lines.

A lot of neutral fans are gravitating towards Philadelphia, albeit reluctantly. The Eagles fans are known for being abrasive at best and downright horrible at worst. They've literally booed Santa Claus in the past.

No matter who you go for, both teams are pretty easy to dislike. Just keep your wits about you and try to have a good time.


Brady is the biggest star in the NFL, perhaps the biggest star in American sports. He's one of the most famous athletes on the planet, he's famous in a way that transcends sport itself.

Outside of the quarterback, Gronkowski is the biggest name in town, the giant tight end is the best player in his position in the league. Wide receiver Danny Amendola and running back Dion Lewis are the other players to watch.

The Eagles don't have any stars per se - Cox is a great player, but defensive tackles don't usually earn fame due to the unglamorous nature of the position - but Foles has shot to prominence due to his meteoric rise while running back Jay Ajayi, tight end Zach Ertz and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery are all well know among NFL fans.


The match shapes as a battle between Philadelphia's rugged defenders and New England's meticulous attack.

Look for Brady to go no-huddle as much as possible, speeding up the tempo of the game in an effort to fluster the Eagles, who have looked vulnerable against a no-huddle offence at times this season.

New England will also try to get Gronkowski involved as much as possible - they manage his possessions all season to try and manage the talented but injury-prone behemoth, but there are no more tomorrows right now and the foot should hit the pedal.

New England should feed Gronkowski.
New England should feed Gronkowski.

For Philadelphia, the path to victory is simple, but easier said than done. The Eagles must get pressure while Brady is in the pocket, but cannot afford to send too many pass rushers, or Brady will identify the blitz before the snap and pick them apart.

The Eagles need to create pressure naturally, rushing four defenders and getting Brady under pressure. Once the 40-year old cops a few shots he can be flustered, and that's the key to slowing the Patriots down.

New England are favourites, and deservedly so, but the Eagles are in with a great chance, particualry if they can get their running game going against a Pats defence that has been solid without ever being spectacular.

Can Foles do it again?
Can Foles do it again?

The punters are similarly split - according to TAB, Philadelphia has attracted 50.1 per cent of bets in the head to head markets. The Patriots are well and truly in the ascendancy when it comes to the line though, with 82 per cent of punters thinking they can cover the -4.5.

Having said that, we're taking New England to win 28-20 with Brady to win MVP but Gronkowski to be the most impactful player - regardless of the actual play, quarterbacks more often than not win MVP by default.


Brady is the $1.60 favourite to win MVP and Gronkowski is the favourite to score the first touchdown at $7.00. Between, them, Gronkowski and Amendola have attracted 24 per cent of the money with TAB. For a bit of value, get on Foles or Cox for MVP at $4.25 and $67 respectively. Gronkowski has attracted 17 per cent of the money to win MVP while 13 per cent of punters have backed Cox. Brady's short price means only 11 per cent of punters have invested their hard earned on the Pats quarterback.


The TAB is prohibited from running markets on the stranger things, but in America they're betting on anything and everything.

You could, if you wanted, have a multi which included the over/under on the length of the national anthem (always take the over), what colour Pink's hair will be when she sings the national anthem, what song Justin Timberlake will sing first in the halftime show, if Justin Timberlake will be wearing a hat during said show, what colour Gatorade the winning team will dump on their coach and who the MVP will thank first in his speech.


Justin Timberlake will be the halftime performer, it'll be his third time appearing in the show. The last time Timberlake performed in the halftime entertainment was in 2004 in the infamous Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction".