FEDERAL Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has slammed vegan activists who got into an altercation with a farmer in Western Australia.

James Warden, a member of Direct Action Everywhere, captured the video out the front of Jason Parravicini's farm at Harvey, south of Perth, on Tuesday.

The frustrated farmer can be seen telling the activists, who remained in their car taking video and photos of him and his cattle, to leave.

The conversation escalates to pushing and shoving through the open window.

But it's the video of Mr Parravicini shooting a gun into the distance which has the activists riled up.

Mr Parravicini has denied shooting to scare the activists off saying the widely circulated footage was edited by the activists.

"Overnight there has been vision provided from animal activists showing a physical confrontation between them and a farmer," Mr Littleproud said.

"Can I ask for calm.


David Littleproud MP in Toowoomba. Friday, 15th feb, 2019.
David Littleproud MP in Toowoomba. Friday, 15th feb, 2019. Nev Madsen

"I respect the views of animal activists, but they need to understand this is not the right way to go about it."

Mr Littleproud, speaking in Toowoomba on Friday afternoon, said he called on the vegan activists to think what it would be like if cameras were shoved in their face.

"If you're taking photos of their place of business, their home where their children live, that is an intimidating act," he said.

"Australians don't respect intimidation and physical contact out of intimidation. I ask them to reconsider their tactics with this.

"Don't engage with farmers to intimidate them. Physical contact is never okay. I ask them to take a step back."

Mr Littleproud said the controversial Aussie Farms Map, which provides the location and contact details of farms across Australia, was to blame for the incident.

"We need that map taken down," he said.

"I ask for all those animal activists to give those farmers a fair go."

- With Chantelle Francis, The Weekly Times.