The little known Kmart shoe hack every woman needs to know

WE'VE already got plenty of reasons to love Kmart.

From the bargain homewares to the genius hacks mums have been sharing online, we can never leave empty handed.  But just wait until you hear this latest awesome tip.

The children's senior sizes in shoes actually go up to a size that is the equivalent of a ladies size eight!

Mind. Blown.

There's a whole new range of options for ladies with little feet
Yep - runners, sneakers, boots, flats and sandals from the kids section available to women with feet under a size eight.

It's absolutely genius and aside from opening up the doorway into a whole new range of footwear, it's a whole lot cheaper to buy kids shoes too.

We found out about this genius little hack when one of our writers Maddie walked into work wearing a very flash pair of gumboots - only to reveal they were a purchase from the kids section at Kmart.

"I needed gumboots and I knew Kmart had good, cheap ones," she explained.

"But the adults' options were all pretty boring. Then these glittery boots caught my eye from the kids section. I grabbed a pair and surprisingly they actually fit," Maddie added.

"The first day I wore them to work, someone else had on the exact same pair. She'd apparently been shopping in the kids shoe section at Kmart for years. I had no idea what I'd been missing out on," she said.

She usually wears a ladies size eight shoe and the kids' size six fit her no problem at all.

We were impressed and it wasn't long before other staff members at Kidspot started to confess about their Kmart children's shoe purchases.

"I was looking for cute kids shoes for my four-year-old goddaughter and came across some ballerina flats and looked at the sizes. I noticed the bigger sizes looked like a size 6 in women's," said Nicole.

She continued: "I tried them on and immediately was surprised that the shoe fit! I ended up purchasing some sparkly pink sneakers for her and a pair of black ballerina flats for myself for work!"


This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.