Little boy left in locked kindy bus

AN investigation is under way after a five-year-old boy was left unattended in a locked kindy bus for more than 40 minutes on a day when temperatures hit more than 28C.

Tyler Walton fell asleep in the Marsden Kindergarten and Child Care Centre bus after a kindy outing to a water playground at Yarrabilba last month.

Ten of the 11 children on the bus got off along with educator Rosa Ulugia.

Ms Ulugia took the children into the centre before going on a 40-minute lunch break.

An incident report filed by the centre and signed by Ms Ulugia, said Tyler was found at 2.30pm in the centre's mini bus which arrived back at the centre at 1.50pm.


A handwritten incident report from the Marsden Kindergarten.
A handwritten incident report from the Marsden Kindergarten.

"The educator had let the children out of the bus but failed to check the bus and was unaware Tyler was asleep in the back corner seat," the handwritten report said.

"The educator took Tyler inside and attempted to cool Tyler down by giving him water and placing water over him."

Tyler's mother, Jean Davis, rushed to the school to pick up her son before taking him to the family's nearby doctor, where a medical check-up gave the child the all clear.

She also filed a report with Crestmead police that afternoon and the following day attended the Department of Child Safety at Kingston.

She was referred to the Department of Early Education, which instigated the investigation into the incident, which occurred two days after Logan recorded its hottest December day when temperatures soared over 40C.

It also came less than a month after two girls died in a hot car less than 3km away in November.

A second, typed, incident report.
A second, typed, incident report.

"I never expected this sort of serious incident to happen at this kindy where six of my children have gone over 12 years," Ms Davis said.

"I trust this kindy but a policy needs to be strictly adhered when kids are taken out in the bus."

Ms Davis said she had a good relationship with the centre's manager Sue Campbell, who was on holidays at the time.

She also met with Ms Ulugia, who apologised.

Tyler has returned to the kindy.

Under the National Laws and National Regulations, approved providers must notify authorities of any serious incident within 24 hours if a child is "mistakenly locked in or locked out" of the child care centre.

The kindy was contacted for comment as was the Department of Early Education.