LISA Wilkinson has paid tribute to her "angel" mother following her death this week.

In an emotional Instagram post, The Project co-host shared an old family photo featuring herself, her mum Beryl, and her three children - Billi, Jake and Louis - when they were just babies.

Wilkinson spoke candidly about her "homemaker" mother in an interview with Sunday Life back in 2015.

She revealed that Beryl's mother had been an alcoholic and Beryl was shuffled between orphanages as a child.

"So Mum sort of grew up not kind of knowing where she was going to lay her head, and, um, she met an angel in the shape of my dad," Wilkinson told the publication.

That "angel" was the TV host's late father Ray, who was a sales manager at a fencing company, and secretary of the Sydney Rugby Club.

Wilkinson was the middle of three children and grew up with her family in Campbelltown in western Sydney.

It's surely been an emotional few months for the veteran presenter, who sensationally quit Nine's Today show last October and announced shortly afterwards she was joining Ten.