Red tape reductions to allow liquor licensing changes

STRUGGLING restaurateurs will be able to pay off their liquor licensing fees gradually and tour operators will be able to serve leisurely beverages without a licence due to new red tape reductions.

Queensland Cabinet signed off on the string of liquor licensing changes on Monday.

Among the raft of changes include scrapping a requirement for managers to keep a register of responsible service of alcohol training and allowing tour operators to serve small amounts of alcohol without a license.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie told tourism forum Destination Q on Tuesday tour operators would only be exempt if the alcohol was served to adults and capped at two beverages per person.

"Until now, tour operators would have to apply for special licenses for every single one of their vessels or vehicles and require 'approved managers' just to serve one or two drinks," he said.

"That was costly, complex, burdensome and unnecessary."

Small community clubs, cafes and restaurants that do not trade past midnight will no longer need an approved manager on site.

Licensees will also be able to pay their licensing fees in instalments.