Lindsay ordered to find counsellor

LINDSAY Lohan has been given 21 days to find a psychological counsellor.

The troubled actress appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner at a Los Angeles courthouse for a Progress Hearing where the voiced her concerns Lindsay has not enrolled in one-on-one counselling, as required as part of her sentence for taking a necklace from a boutique.

Judge Sautner told Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley: "We're two months into this and in those two months she has spent over a month incarcerated.

"She needs to find an individual therapist

"I'm going to give her 21 days to provide proof that she has found a counsellor.

You are to provide proof to this court. If I do not have proof in 21 days I will revoke probation and set up a hearing."

Shawn replied: "She is indicating to me that that will not be a problem."

The 'Mean Girls' actress was freed on 29th June after serving 35 days of house arrest for the necklace theft and for violating the terms of probation set for her 2007 conviction for driving under the influence (DUI). She has also started 480 hours of community service at the Los Angeles Downtown Women's centre.

Judge Sautner set another date for a progress report as October 19, where she said she will review Lindsay's completion of a shoplifters alternative programme, her progress in psychological counselling and progress on her community service.

She added: "For the record all fines and fees have been paid. Get done with that community service, and your life will be back to normal."

Lindsay's legal woes do not end there, however, as she is also reportedly being sued for $1 million by a former employee of the Betty Ford Center – where she was ordered to undergo treatment by a court last year – for assault and battery.

Dawn Holland is set to file the lawsuit in court today, alleging the 25-year-old star twisted and pulled her right hand for eight to 10 seconds during a scuffle after she tried to breathalyse her, which she claims caused injuries which have caused her "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering."

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