Four Lime scooters were found in Moreton Family Park in Chuwar.
Four Lime scooters were found in Moreton Family Park in Chuwar. Lachlan McIvor

Lime can't explain fleet of scooters rolling into Ipswich

LIME have denied the small fleet of scooters that rolled into Ipswich was done on purpose as a publicity stunt for the company.

Four of the bright green Lime scooters appeared in Chuwar last week and another six were also discovered abandoned in Karalee.


The scooters were all found lined up neatly and most of the vehicles had helmets hanging from their handlebars.

Lime public affairs manager Nelson Savahn said it was not a deliberate ploy to expand their footprint beyond Brisbane.

"Cases of scooters being relocated to unapproved areas are rare, and our operations team have been alerted of this (recent) incident and are working to retrieve the scooters," he said.

"We advise reporting scooters left in inaccessible or inappropriate areas to the Lime Aus customer service team.

"Lime does not recommend taking the scooters outside of the service zone, as it goes against our primary goal of ride-sharing and dispersing scooters where needed."

All of Lime's scooters are GPS and 3G-enabled, making it easy to track down their location.

Across Australia, the scooters are only serviced in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide and were introduced to Brisbane in November last year.

Last week, Mr Savahn said there are no plans to launch Lime in Ipswich.

"We are continuously looking to expand our fleet across Australia and we work closely and collaboratively with local authorities to ensure our service is something that will benefit their community," he said.

"Currently, (we) do not have plans to launch in Ipswich but this is certainly something we would consider in the future."