Damage caused at Mackay cemetery by vandals.
Damage caused at Mackay cemetery by vandals. Contributed

Vandals desecrate graves at Mackay Cemetery

WHAT is wrong with some people?

Vandals have struck at Mackay Cemetery.

A text message was sent with photos of some of the damage by one disgusted resident.

He wanted to remain anonymous because he didn't want to have his family graves targeted.

"When it's your own family you feel disgusted, and then when you see what they have done to others and what the other people are going to feel when they see the graves...when they go out there they are going to get a big shock," he said.

"You feel desecrated, once it's happened to you and then you see it happening to the others, you just feel so disgusted.

"You walk around the cemetery and the destruction is horrendous."

The man said he wanted Mackay Regional Council to do more to stop vandals at the cemetery.

Council Parks, Environment and Sustainability manager Pete Owen said lighting had been installed along streets and paths at Mackay Cemetery to deter vandals, which cost $16,000.

He said lighting had helped reduce vandalism and the council had also engaged security patrols of the cemetery.

"We've had very little damage in the cemetery up until this recent incident in which ornaments have been vandalised," Mr Owen said.

"We're now looking at increasing that lighting even further."

Council crews have to clean up any damage in general areas of the cemetery but the grave plots are private property.

"The responsibility is on the owners to clean up any damage to ornaments or monuments on their plots which can be quite distressing," Mr Owen said.

"Our cemetery crew is always more than willing to lend a hand."

Mr Owen said vandalism was a police matter for offenders that were caught.


What to do?

  •  Vandalism is a police matter and offenders will be dealt with through the courts.
  •  If you see vandals at all, you are encouraged to call the police immediately.
  •  Any distinguishing features could help to identify offenders.