Life's lessons keep expectations in perspective

DEAN Daylight has stated his ambition for 2015 is to make the A grade semi-finals.

And while he won't use the term "re-building", his determination to get the club's youngsters involved shows he is thinking long term.

But don't let it fool you into believing results in 2015 aren't important.

Brothers' history and reputation means only success is tolerated.

But Daylight brings a unique perspective to the role.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2011, he has faced a tougher battle than any he did on the footy field to get where he is now - three years into remission and grateful for his health.

So he knows the importance of living in the present and not getting caught up in what might or might not happen in future.

"I take every day as it comes," he said.

"I was retired at Christmas."

It was only the resignation of former coach Tyron Day that led to Daylight being offered the post.

"When you pull on a Brothers jumper there is an expectation and players are aware of it," Daylight said. "Sometimes the players don't meet it. But it is my job to get them there."

Having beaten off cancer, the top job at Brothers doesn't compare when it comes to pressure.

"I don't feel it," Daylight said.

"Obviously there are expectations. But if I do my job and do it well hopefully I meet them."

With most of the team that dominated the IRL with six titles in eight years now gone, Daylight needs his remaining senior players to take on added responsibility.


"I'm looking for a number of guys to put their hands up," Dean Daylight said.

"We're asking guys to show leadership. A guy like Sam Krueger has played A grade for a number of years, so I'm expecting him to step up. Him and Cam Picker. We've got no Fili Notoa, no Jason Connors so I'm expecting them to step up and lead us into the future."