Picture: Rob Williams
Picture: Rob Williams

Life lessons to reflect on in virus outbreak


THE advent of COVID 19, or “coronavirus’’ can be likened to the appearance of two of the four horsemen of the Biblical event, from the Book Of Revelations.

This, of course, is the Apocalyse, and is one of the predicted events designed to encourage us to keep on the straight and narrow in our lives.

I was struck by the sequence of the happenings, and the time frame, which has led to our present plight.

We entered into the sequence on the back of a long term and widespread drought, which could be reasonably labelled Famine.

The drought provided enormous amounts of dry fuel and a lack of water to fight the devastating bushfires which followed, and which, from a fire fighters view, could only be classified as War.

As the flames died down, and floods took their place in Australia, so the two final riders, Pestilence and Death made their entry onto the battlefield at an accelerated pace thanks to historical development in rapid transport.

No special reason for the above, except to remark that it draws attention to yet another conflict between man and nature.

Stayer Nicole’s dogged determination

ON the lighter and more encouraging side, when our leaders should be concerned at the number of people who are not entering the sport/industry of harness racing in Queensland, we should consider and congratulate some of the people who have stayed in long term.

Nicole Hanrahan is one such “stayer”.

She has held a licence to train pacers in Queensland for 30 of her 45 years, following stints at the mini-trotters and pony club.

As a trainer, Hanrahan has started horses on 584 occasions which have produced 26 winners, 36 seconds and 48 thirds, banking $65,809 in the process.

She rates Treacles as the best horse to have carried her colours of pink and black checks, pink sleeves and black armbands to victory.

One thing is certain: Any horse to leave the Spring Creek stables of “Team Hanrahan” will be turned out ready to do harness racing proud.

One of our big drawcards used to be the brilliant spectacle that harness presented, especially at night.

Show and Shine was the order of the day.

Hanrahan has preserved those traditions.

Currently the team stands at three - the promising Crossed Legs, Major Grandeur and feeling Flirty.

Like so many others, all Hanrahan needs to propel her up the ladder of success is the one thing she cannot supply herself. That factor is “luck”.

Some people have a lot of it, others very little.

What Hanrahan has is a dogged determination to succeed.

Marburg lockdown

ON the Marburg horizon, is likely that the two meetings associated with Easter - Thursday April 2 and Easter Sunday - will be run under lockdown conditions.

Skeleton crew and no owners or public.

Watch the QT for changes to this but that is the state of play at the moment.

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: First four 1-2-3-4: Dark Energy (T Dixon)-Three Mugs In (N Dawson)-Maretti (C Geary) -Major Currency (N McMullen).

R2: Quinella 1-2: Maywyns Courage (K Dawson) and Im Major Harry (N Dawson).

R3: Quinella 8-9: Cherrys The Best (T Dixon) and Newmerella Sharkie (T Dawson).

R4: Quinella 1-4: Tascott Lady (T. McMullen) and Timeless Appeal (P McMullen).

R5: Quinella 1-2: Sams The Master (B Barnes) and Slice Of Heaven (N Dawson).

R6: E/w 4: This Ones For You (C Geary).

R7: Quinella1-2: Recipe For Dreaming (P McMullen) and Only In Rome (T Dawson).

R8: Quinella 1-2: Camroller (A Sanderson) and Feeling For A Rainbow (N Dawson).

R9: First Four 1-2-3-10: Melpark Magic (J Cremin)-Ivanov (N Dawson)-Garland Greene (N McMullen)-Quietly Spoken (I Ross).

R10: Quinella 4-6: Riverleigh Rocket (R Maguire) and One Wise Man (P McMullen).