Danni Gnech recently got her P plates after paying for learner's permit twice.
Danni Gnech recently got her P plates after paying for learner's permit twice. Rob Williams

Licence fees a financial hit Ipswich youth can't afford

DANNI Gnech felt the financial sting of paying for a separate P licence more than most.

With no car to drive and a lack of supervisor drivers available to take her, the 21-year-old (pictured above) needed her full three years to get 100 hours on the road and her log book approved.

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Her learner's permit expired on May 7.

Four days later she passed her driving test but not before paying $160.50 for another learner's licence.

Fast facts:

  • Queensland learner drivers pay $160.50 for a three year licence, just $5 less than a five-year open licence fee.
  • As soon as learners get out of the car after passing their test they cannot drive without a provisional licence, which costs between $73.70- $165.00.
  • The written road rules test for learners costs $23.10
  • The practical driving test costs $54.10
  • You must pass the hazard perception test before you can upgrade to a P2 provisional licence or an open licence which costs $19.10

After paying $54 to do the test, she then had to pay $73 for a one-year provisional licence.

"I had the second learner licence for less than a week. It was a big waste," she said.

"It meant I could only pay for one year of my provisional driver's licence after paying to do the test as well.

"If it hadn't been for the extra cost of the learner's permit I would have definitely gotten it for longer.

"The cost of a learner's licence has gone up a lot too. When I got my first one, I paid about $140."

Ms Gnech said finding a job in Boonah was difficult and getting work outside the small town was near impossible without a car.

To the 21-year-old, who is relying on Centrelink payments while looking for work, the cost of the licence was more than half her weekly income.

"It's a lot of money for a young person and they are the ones who can't afford costs like that," she said.

"I would like to see the learner's licence roll over. It's a waste of money otherwise."

Now she has her licence and, after saving up for a second-hand car, the beauty therapy student is able to hunt for a job.

"Having that freedom has changed my life," she said.

"Living in a place like Boonah there are not a lot of jobs going around.

"I am out handing out resumes today and I will be able to go to campus for college. It's amazing."