Harry's view on Hooper's push for mayor.
Harry's view on Hooper's push for mayor.

LETTERS: PETA encourages a vegan Christmas



Don't have a pig

It's easy to forget (since we can't go overseas) that we live in a different hemisphere and climate zone to many of the shows we watch on TV.

While the northerners shiver in Arctic conditions for Christmas, we try to escape heatwaves. So why blindly follow foreign eating habits?

Ham, the flesh of the pig, is still promoted as a Christmas food, despite the fact that it is apparently an ancient pagan ritual - a sacrifice to the Norse god Freyr, associated with harvest and phallic fertility.

Too hot here for any of that in December!

Pigs are friendly, loyal, and intelligent animals. But 90 per cent of pigs in Australia are kept on factory farms, where they spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy warehouses suffering intensive confinement, the mothers in gestation and farrowing crates, where they can hardly move.

Their babies are forced onto trucks at just six months of age and sent for slaughter.

Video footage from the gas chambers used to stun them shows pigs screaming and writhing in pain as they suffocate.

If that's not bad enough, the majority of ham and bacon in this country is imported, from countries where the welfare and hygiene conditions are usually even worse.

This is supposed to be the season of peace on Earth, not torture in a cage.

For a truly compassionate Christmas dinner, skip the pork aisle and check out "The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cooking Guide" on the website peta.org.au.

Desmond Bellamy, Special Projects Coordinator, PETA Australia


Exorbitant rent for young family

Just venting my worry for my nephew and his family trying to find a rental property for his family of seven children.

My nephew works full time and they are currently living with his parents and the stress is getting to all involved.

Why do landlords charge the large rents when some properties they have looked at, you wouldn't let your dog live there.

Is there any decent people in Weipa that has a house for rent to help my nephew and his family out?

Jo Lenegan, Cairns




Harry's view on Hooper's push for mayor.
Harry's view on Hooper's push for mayor.



ANON. A Qld toddler has sadly passed away in Victoria, but his heartbroken parents have to be quarantined in a hotel while grieving under QLD's scientifically unfounded laws. But no one dares question these illogical erratic rules made by our so called leaders and bureaucrats, who're clearly drunk on their power. And no one can accuse the Premier of incompassion in such circumstances either. Her granny died too so she automatically understands all levels of grief. Right!



Alleged acts of animal cruelty and constant echoes of hooning plague what was once a peaceful neighbourhood.

Colleen Torney: Why have some got no respect for others?

Shari McQuire: They have cameras up there so fingers x they have the rego plates. Before the bollards were in play some twit hooned down from top and was doing doughies. That was 9yr ago. See plenty more up there and hear it too.

Craig Shuker: Looks to be the old lovers lane next to the water towers on The Range.

Sue Davidson: For animal abuse please call the RSPCA immediately 1300animal 1300 264 625. They will then give you a job number.