Letters to the editor

MR ROSS I’m not sure what world you live in but you really should get out more.

I drive around Ipswich daily and I’m afraid we need a speed camera on every street.

It is nothing to be passed in Brisbane Street by cars doing 80kmh.

I regularly pass the speed camera in question.

On Sunday I thought I had my brakes on. Even with the signs, 120/130kmh seemed to be the norm.

Please give it a rest with this c--p about revenue raising.

This year alone we have killed 20 people on Ipswich roads.

Imagine the grief that has caused in the community, especially in the festive season.

I would recommend you attend the attitudinal driving workshop held by the police monthly at the Ipswich RSL Services Club then maybe, just maybe, you will change your attitude.



Grave vandalism breaks the heart

I’M very disappointed by the senseless desecration of the six- foot statue, The Headless Angel, and other graves at Goodna’s cemetery.

Being a fifth generation member of the Ipswich community, I feel a strong attachment to the historical buildings and sites within the local area.

Similar to the way in which aborigines have a deep connection to their land, I am emotionally tied to my home, everything and everyone in it.

The meaningless smashing of century old tombstones has saddened me.

I can’t even begin to imagine how devastated the grieving families are having been told of the disrespectful vandalism, one week before Christmas.

My heart goes out to you.

I’m so sorry that this has happened and that you have to experience such unnecessary pain.



Don’t sell off our sovereignty

THE headlines in the news state that a meaningful agreement had been reached at Copenhagen, but that it will not reduce Global Warming.

Whatever your personal views on the subject are, any agreement that will not reduce the temperature of the world, but will cost many billions of dollars, must be of concern to people.

Who is going to pay the billions of dollars and exactly who will get that money?

Penny Wong said on a TV interview that sovereignty is not important.

Sovereignty is very important, Ms Wong, and I urge Tony Abbot to highlight your lack of concern about Australia’s sovereignty, during the next Federal Election campaign, believe me!

I would once again remind Penny Wong that her plan to re-introduce the ETS legislation in February, which if rejected by the senate would become a trigger for a double dissolution election, is unconstitutional and therefore illegal.



Anna’s move is far sighted

DOES the Electrical Trades Union think that Premier Anna Bligh is a softer target than former Premier Bjelke-Petersen?

How wrong they are if they do.

In spite of the massive financial support they received from unionists from all over Australia, they caved in to a ranting demagogue during the power strike of the eighties.

This bunch of self-centred luddites now think they can chance their hand against a very sensible and determined Premier, who along with her Cabinet, is taking measures that are far-sighted and in the best interests of all Queenslanders, not just a small privileged minority.

No one of good sense can justify spending virtually all of the returns of QR’s coal freight operation on providing the infrastructure for the expansion programs of multi-national mining consortiums.

There are far better uses for this money and that raised from the stock market share float.

The era of protected industry and cloistered employment is well and truly over and the ETU and others of similar bent should snap out of it and embrace the future.