Harry's view on Cap Coast nudist retreat.
Harry's view on Cap Coast nudist retreat.

LETTERS: Dairy industry ‘grasping at seaweed’



Grasping at seaweed

The dairy industry, drowning under public scrutiny of its woeful animal welfare record and environmental destructiveness, is no longer clutching at straws, but instead is grasping seaweed.

There are advertorials running about the wonders of feeding cows red algae, or Asparagopsis, in order to reduce the obscene amount of the very potent greenhouse gas methane, which is released in their belches and farts.

The no doubt conservative estimate is that this makes up 57 per cent of farm emissions.

It is being said that "If 10 per cent of the livestock producers added 1.0 per cent of Asparagopsis Seaweed Meal to the daily feed intake of ruminant livestock, it is like removing 100 million cars off the road."

What that figure shows is the extent of the problem caused by this industry, which survives by tearing babies from their mothers and selling the milk excreted for them to make products that we know are terrible for the health of the human consumer.

If 10 per cent of "livestock" producers could easily remove greenhouse gases equivalent to 100 million cars, imagine what closing down this cruel and toxic industry could achieve!

Desmond Bellamy, Special Projects Coordinator, PETA Australia









ANON. Another bunch of kids stealing cars, just lucky nobody was killed like the couple last week. The justice system is as weak as p---. If you think these young criminals don't know the law, you live under a mushroom.

ANON. Has there been any further development in the rather mysterious crime news as reported by TMB on 20/01/21 regarding the intruder who was reported as "living in the ceiling space" of Monica Green's home in North Rockhampton? Editor's note: Hi, nothing further yet, but we will make some inquiries this week to update the story.



Teens caught up in drugs, car thefts and regular police run-ins don't often stumble into that lifestyle by accident, writes Jessica Marszalek. Is youth crime a parenting issue?


Adelina Bilaza Mackenzie-Taylor: You can decipline your kids what you put into them as their foundation is what they know and they will always remember that. But most parents forget their duties! And try to be a friend to their kids not parent!

Anthony Hutton: They need to be flogged with a big stick!

Harris Leigh: This is not just a yes or know question, in some cases it is a parenting issue in other cases the parents have done everything they could possibly do under the government's rules and regulations short of locking their unruly kids in their rooms which they are not allowed to do and the kids still do the wrong thing. If it is shown that the parents have done absolutely nothing to prevent these kids from committing crimes then yes it is their fault and they should also face some sort of consequences.

Carissa Otte-Whichello: No it's a choice issue. Most parents give their children the knowledge and tools but unfortunately teenagers want to walk their own path. So it's about choices not parents.

Mark Davis: Sometimes, but mostly just products of the system, bring back canes in schools for starters, we need to get mutual respect back into play very fast.

Joy Lee: The biggest problem that I see with the younger generation today is that they are so self absorbed. It's all about them and to hell with any one else … and that includes the law!!! And it's taught in our schools. Our children are told about their rights, but not the responsibility that comes with those rights!!! Kids are being taught in school to be irresponsible, uncaring little sh---, because according to some know it all, fresh out of uni and no children of their own, we don't know how to raise children and we've been doing it all wrong. Meanwhile at home, parents are told that to chastise and teach your child values and responsibilities by consequences is abuse!!! WTF! Am I surprised by youth crime and violence? No! I am not!!!

Lynette Laskus: These are the children who fell through the education cracks.

Trevor Scrimshaw: YES it's definitely an issue for parents, but sadly for some no matter how well they treat their children they will go rogue! Eventually it's up to the authorities and government too!