Harry's view on Chris Hooper's plan to fight by-election.
Harry's view on Chris Hooper's plan to fight by-election.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: An Ice Age is on the way



An Ice Age is on the way

Notice the early, longer and colder winters in the northern hemisphere, coldest ever recorded many records broken in US and Europe, no sunspots identical to the last mini ice-age; NASA expects an ice age to start in 2025.

In Europe wind turbines and solar panels have iced up and failed.

We must urgently start building new coal power stations immediately or freeze - this is a national security issue.

Ask everyone you meet to explain how the Earth's climate works, teachers, politicians and academia - I did and no one had a clue, seriously.

I was disgusted at the lack of knowledge from people claiming they knew CO2 changed the climate and were making laws accordingly.

Friends and grandchildren asked me to explain how it worked, it is a big subject and took a lot to simplify it clearly.

The climate always changes and always will into eternity, you learnt that at school.

Droughts, heat waves, fires and floods are all-natural climatic variations of earth's ever-changing climate, their origin are in in the fluctuations of the global climate system - an extremely complex mix of different sub-systems all interacting with each other on a wide range of time and space scales, e.g. atmospheric, oceanic, ice masses, the biosphere, sunspots or lack thereof, solar winds, cosmic radiation, phases of the moon, volcanoes, equatorial spin 1,760 kmph, equatorial bulge of 42.47 kms, orbital rotation and wobble, axis tilt, polarity position and gravitation effect.

The Sahara desert once had Lake Chad, the largest fresh water lake on Earth.

Australia once had a huge inland lake, both were forested with grasslands; a 100 year drought destroyed the Mayan empire, in 1915 the Murray River dried up - where was the CO2 that fools think controls climate.

- Gil May, Forestdale




Harry's view on Chris Hooper's plan to fight by-election.
Harry's view on Chris Hooper's plan to fight by-election.



Social distancing protocols will discourage parents from walking their children into school next year.


Karlah Maree: My preppie has had to go into school by herself since this started, 5 years old!Has been sad missing being hands on during her first year of school. I think the teachers are somewhat enjoying it though, having to email them rather than see them face to face about things!

Marion Redshaw: We have a couple of book drop off/meet the teacher days before the kids come back, have done for the last few years. Makes it easier on the first day to drop and run for the older kids.

Roger John Smith: Would those of you who voted ALP/GRNs please refrain from commenting on this topic, as your actions have allowed this to manifest.

Cherith Weis: What a load of Codswallop!

Lisbeth Berniece Fischer: FFS!! It's getting ridiculous.

Kerri-Anne Hagedorn: So wrong. My daughter starts prep next year and has never been to big school before and now I can't be there for her comfort to take her into school. I am so pissed as I bet I am not the only mother or father who a has their babies starting to school.

ElaineandJim Thomson: How does this fit with children under 12 not being allowed to walk by themselves?

Kelly Anne Ruebe: There is no way the kids can carry all their stuff into class ! Or the parents carry it to the school gate and congregate in high numbers there... it's no different than going to the classroom for 10 mins! Covid is not here in CQ we should be allowed to.

Elizabeth Shelton: More and more division. Now within families. Makes me feel sick at what is being done.

Chantal Webb: How are these kids suppose to carry all their school stuff into the classroom.. And try and settle them in to new kids and teachers.

Lyn Deasy: Absolutely ridiculous!! I'm lost for words.

Shells Dalgairns: My heart hurts for the little preppys that have to walk themselves in and settle in themselves, they'll never have the memory of mummy or daddy helping them to settle in and that is the heart breaking side for the parents. The amount of things the world is allowing but yet a prep student that may have never even been to school before will have to bear it alone. I'm so grateful my little boy started prep this year, I couldn't imagine not having taken him in and got him settled in. Honestly mums and dads of prep students and even those with year 1 students. Just walk them in anyway. There's no way anyone is going to stop me walking my little boy in for his first day of year 1. If we're going to allow so many people in gatherings etc im sure there is a way to work it out to allow parents to take there student to class.

Jesika Leigh: I think we should all just walk our children in to their classroom on the first day back in 2021...

Absolutely ridiculous that we can't enter school grounds now, and now they wanna take the first day of school away from us too.

We can all go to the shopping centres

We can now go watch live football games

We can all go to pubs and clubs

We can have family and friends visit our homes

We can have social gatherings..

And the list goes on of the things we can now do..

So why can we not walk our kids into their classroom, we have already missed so many things as parents. Sports day, swimming carnival, school parade/our kids getting awards...

Let us be parents ffs.. I'm really getting fed up with not being able to walk my daughter to her class.