‘COMPLETE DUD’: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been slammed by readers.
‘COMPLETE DUD’: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been slammed by readers.

LETTERS: ‘ScoMo needs to get off well-paid backside’


EVERY Australian citizen should be alarmed at the exposure by nearly in every newspaper in the country on October 21 about the "secret suppressive state" being administered by the Federal Government.

Democracy and the sovereign rights of the population are under attack by federal politicians and "high end" bureaucrats to hide the truth about their practices.

Freedom of the press is under challenge for no other reason than to keep the despicable reputations of public servants, party hacks, and political criminals from reaching the eyes of the public.

Governments are lying when they say it is a "security matter". It's nothing of the sort. It's just camouflage to conceal their own nefarious activity and personal indiscretions.

Suppression of public information is straightforward censorship. No different from that used by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany prior to World War II.

The alarming part in all of this is not one federal politician has objected to these draconian laws.

Not one of them has stood up for the public interest, and not one of them has voiced concern at the erosion of democracy that comes without a free press.

Gutless wonders all of them. And all eating from the same taxpayer-funded table.

And Prime Minister Scott Morrison is the biggest con artist of all. He stood up in parliament and said: "Everybody must obey the law".

What a hypocrite. It's him, and people like him who make and pass the laws that restrict the democracy of a free nation.

Together with all of the other things he hasn't done he has turned out to be a complete dud as prime minister.

- B. BARRY, Bundaberg


Finding billions of dollars to help drought affected towns and farmers is of course a Band-Aid yet necessary measure in the short term but what desperately Australia needs is long-term water management strategies.

If countries in other parts of the world can build oil pipelines across thousands of kilometres surely with today's technology Australia can build water pipelines from areas that have ample water (eg, north Queensland) to where it is needed.

Expensive? Yes. Farsighted? Yes. Possible? Yes.

Imagine where we would be if the Snowy Mountains Scheme was still in the too-hard basket.

This requires full support from both major parties, but unfortunately, unlike Bob Katter and Pauline Hanson, they seem only focused from election to election - bloody gutless and selfish.

Get off your butts Canberra, or climate change will ensure towns die and agriculture disappears for lack of water. For starters abolish the $4 billion-plus we hand over for foreign aid and the spend the same amount in our own country.

No more excuses, just bloody well do it.

- BILL LOUDON, Bargara


THE need for a free press is a no-brainer but in all of the debate so far there has been no discussion about the responsibilities and ethics that should go hand-in-hand with that freedom.

All freedoms bring with them responsibilities.

In the case of the press their responsibility is to the general public, the persons at the centre of the story and to the laws of the land.

Freedom without responsibility results in tabloids and gutter press.

Granting a freedom is no small thing and the current debate should be about the whole issue, not just the press's right to publish what they like irrespective of the consequences and all in the so called public interest.

Lets start with that issue.

The primary existence of the press is to make money.

If they made no money there would be no press irrespective of what freedoms they may or may not have.

You sell papers etc by using sensationalism.

The saying that you don't ruin a good story due to a lack of fact is true, always.

These stories are generally posed as a question? Are you beating your spouse? Are Meghan and Harry divorcing and so it goes on and on ad nauseam.

You see this tactic every day in dailies and magazines.

Newspapers want to access all areas of our lives.

National secrets, security, anti-terrorist information, in fact everything is viewed as fodder for the press.

The whole issue should be reversed.

Instead of arguing about the freedom of the press, the debate should be about what cannot be reported, whatever is left is free for the press to report.

So let's have the debate on the responsibilities of the press, a code of ethics, duties of the press, penalties and laws that allow poor people the ability to sue for defamation and the like and so on.

Freedom must be earned and valued, it is not something that is given without substantial debate.

And the irony is that where does that debate happen? In the media, of course.



I SOMETIMES think that the TV companies love to play the double standards card knowing that the selective viewer cannot join the dots to work out that they are being conned.

I have little interest with free-to-air TV although I see my wife watching morning shows and hear the presenters in the background promoting gender equality, attacking men as sexual predators and pushing the disarming of the world because of all the gun violence that exists.

Then comes the ads for the evening viewings: Love Island, Bachelorette, CSI, Somebody Wants a Wife, murder mysteries blah blah blah.

Where are all the feminists, idealists and alternatives who'd you think would be making a scene to stop all of these shows?

Media stars and TV presenters are all tarred with the same brush as politicians. They say something that might get support, votes or ratings but then endorse something on their networks that contradicts their so-called cause.



ANDREW Bolt (NM, 23/09) expresses his personal opinion ridiculing those who express concern about the effects of human-induced global warming and it's supposed effect on climate.

He crudely attempts to discredit school students who recently went on strike, protesting what they perceive as inadequate action by governments to slow or avoid dangerous climate change. In doing so, he accused them of following blind faith rather proven fact.

Unlike Bolt, high school students in Bundaberg and around the country have a broad understanding of climate science which explains both the causes and effects of global warming on climate.

Rather than basing their concerns on religious fervour, the younger generation and many older people base their concerns on long established scientific facts, not personal opinion.

When fossil fuels (coal oil and gas) are burned, they emit gases which absorb energy, reflecting it back to the Earth's surface rather than allowing it to escape to outer space.

The result is that the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing causing surface temperatures to rise at an increasing rate. These are facts, not Bolt opinion.

Over the last 800,000 years the concentration of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere have reached highs of 300 ppm and 700 ppb but are now at 414 ppm and 1900 ppb, almost entirely as a result of human activity.

The result? Average global temperature has risen by 1.1 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial.

As land surface and lower atmosphere temperatures rise, moisture evaporates from land surfaces and the capacity of the atmosphere to hold and retain moisture increases.

The result is that land which is already dry becomes drier, rainfall becomes less predictable and when it does occur is likely to be heavier, more persistent and less predictable, causing flooding, crop destruction and loss of topsoil.

High wind events may be fewer but because surface temperatures are elevated, they are likely to become more severe and destructive.

These events, combined with regional build-up of heat result in unexpected heatwaves cause vegetation to die, creating greater opportunities for the occurrence of wild fires which are more ferocious, destructive and difficult to control.

As the atmosphere warms, the rate of land-based ice melt increases, initially causing increased river flows but ultimately resulting in lower, less certain flows which are insufficient to sustain irrigated agricultural output.

El Nino events are likely to become more severe as global temperatures continue to rise and result in western Pacific seawater warming by over two degrees for sustained periods.

These events are the main cause of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef with attendant destruction of fish habitat and, ultimately, the Queensland tourist industry.

The events described above are the result of human activities: burning fossil fuels which release greenhouse gases resulting in global warming at a rate unknown for over a million years.

Their cause has nothing to do with uninformed Bolt opinion, but is explained by well established science which is well understood and it is on this basis that younger people - and the not so young - rightly express their outrage and concern.

They have the support of all thinking people.

- MIKE POPE, Bundaberg


ONCE again I see Keith Pitt spouting rubbish regarding the Cashless Debit Card, though this time it has more to do with bullying than the so-called "success" of the card.

What little (if any) bullying occurs to pro-carders is nothing compared to what those you have subjected to this punitive and degrading policy have to put up with on a daily basis.

You, other politicians and the media have branded anyone receiving a social security payment as a drug addict, irresponsible spenders, incapable of managing their own finances, bad parents, bludgers, alcos, the list goes on.

The level of bullying, hate and disgust shown towards those receiving social security is out of control and articles like yours only serve to increase such negativity. If that isn't mass bullying, I don't know what is.

For you to even say "this type of online bullying has to stop, there is no place for it in our community" you are implying that any bullying done to anti-carders is fine and people who are anti-card are not part of the community.

How can you justify the mass vilification of those on social security and ignore any and all criticism for the scheme?

And before you start carrying on with how much of a success it is, I ask you to use facts, Keith. We want the facts.

You cant go using the Orima report, it has been slammed for its dubious and flawed information collection process and don't even bother quoting that the youth unemployment rate in Hinkler has dropped.

Those stats included the whole of the Wide Bay, not just Hinkler and you failed to take into account the reduction in unemployment due to seasonal work, which I know you are aware is a pattern for this time of year, as you yourself come from a farming family.

You are entitled to your own opinions but what you are not entitled to is making up your own facts.

I can show you 50-odd screenshots I have of the bullying I personally have been subjected to when I have spoken out about the devastating affects of the card and that's not even close to all of them.

But that doesn't matter to you hey as I'm not a member of your community I am merely a drain upon it.

And as for pro-carders being bullied online, when you have so-called community representatives trying to pass off opinion as fact, damn straight we are going to reply with the actual facts and lived experiences of those on the card, as that's what we operate on, facts, not opinions.

Your comments are just another way for you to further vilify those that are against card and make them appear in a negative light to those in the community who are naive enough to believe a politician's words.

We weren't the ones who vilified an entire population based on age and socio-economic standing. You were. You have created a rift in this community by introducing and enforcing a class division and that has no place in our community.

You need to stop ignoring the facts Keith, stop cherrypicking and start listening to the whole of your community because like it or not, people on social security are a part of the community.



ONE has to wonder if the world has gone completely mad, with climate change activists, populate and perish enthusiasts wanting massive population increased with open-ended development, and government crackdowns on farmers who are only trying to run the farms.

It can't get much sillier, or can it?

What about power prices, with plenty of coal and gas?

With climate change, people need to use a little bit of lateral thinking and think things through.

No government, expert or scientist can do anything about the weather, and it's just as well. Imagine if someone could control the weather.

Do people really think that anyone who can control the weather would use that power for good purposes or evil?

Some government or terrorist organisation would use the weather for warfare and blackmail.

As for the climate change activists blocking city centres with their protests, this should be stopped and people should be heavily fined, or do serious time in jail.

It is beyond belief that these people are allowed to get away with what they do, and just defy the law.

Vegan protesters invading farms should be stopped as well, and these crazy reef and vegetation laws should be scrapped as well.

All of this nonsense has been dreamt up by the far, far lefties who just want complete control over everyone.

Australia is the biggest desert in the world, yet our governments and local councils continue to push for more population and growth.

The Reserve Bank has been cutting interest rates for the past 30 years to "stimulate" the economy, and kickstart industry and jobs.

No one would kickstart a motorcycle for 30 years trying to start it, so this current policy makes no sense, and experts agree.

This is all back to front.

If rates go into negative territory, we have the ridiculous situation where savers would be penalised, whereas borrowers would be rewarded.

Cutting interest rates is only boosting inflation and property prices and forcing retirees onto the pension.

It's a bit silly, Australia has entered the drought years.

A lot of towns are almost out of water.

The capital cities haven't been spared with Sydney on very strict water restrictions.

It's time to do away with these big ideas of a big Australia with 40 million people by 2050.

We don't have enough water for the current population.



WELL you really got me with the crossword clue "bottle" and while I am not a wordsmith I will do most things to get the daily problem out I gave up. The next day's paper came and what was the answer: "courage".

Was this a misprint or did it allude to the immense problems we have with alcohol (bottle) where people get (courage) and then become animals and behave irresponsibly. Just asking?


• ED'S NOTE: We hope you didn't feel the need to hit the bottle, Bruce. According to the Macquarie Dictionary, "bottle" is also a colloquial term for the word "courage".