Former Ipswich MP Sean Choat
Former Ipswich MP Sean Choat Claudia Baxter

LETTERS: Is Choat now a bat expert?

REGARDING Sean Choat's letter on January 30.

I'm surprised that Mr Choat has expertise in flying fox population ecology.

It's quite a skill to make an assessment that a migratory species is in excessive numbers.

Even so, he rejects one of the obvious ways of reducing the nuisance posed to some people by having flying foxes close by.

Mr Choat recommends humane methods of population control, and moving colonies away from settled areas.

I notice he doesn't explain how this is to be achieved.

What next, Sean?

Will you make an impassioned plea on behalf of electors that authorities prevent damage to homes by stopping strong winds and moving summer thunderstorms away from settled areas?



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