LETTER: We should be thanking Harding

Re the article Harding takes credit for Shayne's hard work.

Mr. Atwood obviously believes that an empty promise means more than real action.

As the funds for the work were budgeted by the Gillard Government then Shayne's record can only be described as absolutely appalling. While a Minister of the Gillard Government the funds were promised, but never appeared, then as a Minister in the following Rudd Government the funds again failed to appear.

From my perspective that appears to be a total failure to achieve a positive result for Ipswich.

Then for some reason Mr. Attwood feels that as an opposition member, Shayne managed to have more influence on the Coalition Government than his own Labor Government and managed to get real money not just the empty promises that his own Labor Government delivered.

Perhaps Mr. Attwood instead of rushing to cover Shayne's dismal failure should start thanking Teresa Harding for all her hard work in getting those much needed funds for Ipswich, he should also ask Shayne why he, as a Government Minister totally failed Ipswich residents and the Ipswich Council over this much needed funding.



Eastern Heights