LETTER: LNP has no plans to cut school funding

I REFER to the letter in the Queensland Times (10/5) with regards to school funding.

There are no cuts to schools funding. Simple, no more to say.

The Federal Government's budget is going to increase schools funding from its current record levels. So just stop trying to use this topic as a scare campaign to win votes.

I find it extremely frustrating that there can be so much misinformation out there in the public debate. It is time it was called out.

Funding is in fact clearly increasing as shown by the budget papers. There are no cuts.

For example in Queensland funding will increase by 27.5% or $900 million. And spending on education is at a record high with a total spend of $73.6 billion.

When last in government, Labor created 27 different funding agreements for schools across the country.

Then, just before the last election Labor cut $1.2 billion from QLD, WA and the NT because those states refused to sign up to a disorganised and confused approach.

This left Queensland schools $794 million worse off.

Labor's approach to this issue clearly shown that they do not understand how schools funding is distributed and that they are more interested in politics.

This is all without even questioning where the money would come from for Labor's billions they seem to be promising to everyone.


Mark Smits