LETTER: Forget the motorway and go rail instead

M1 FUNDING is again an issue in the media. Federal and state governments cannot seem to agree on how much each should put into the funding pool for this traffic inducing upgrade.

We think that money would be better invested in rail projects.

Why are the Queensland and Australian Governments wanting to pour yet even more money into the motorway when they cannot even find two cents to rub together for Cross River Rail, the State's so-called "highest priority project"?

A modernised regional rapid rail service would blow the Pacific Motorway out of the water.

Trains can carry around 10 times the people that a motorway lane can.

Cars are legally limited to 100-110 km/hr on motorways, whereas trains can travel at twice or three times this speed.

If the Government was actually serious about solving congestion issues to the Gold Coast, a motorway upgrade would be the last thing one would choose.

It will never offer the speed or the capacity that a regional rapid rail service would offer.

We need Cross River Rail to allow more people to work in Brisbane.

However, separating the Gold Coast Line from the Beenleigh line would allow 160 km/hr or faster trains to be used on the Gold Coast line, slashing travel times. Realigning the Gold Coast line to run along the M1, similar to how Perth runs trains along freeways could slash about half an hour off a trip to the Gold Coast.

There are more than enough lanes on the Pacific Motorway. If you value speed and capacity, you can't beat a regional rapid rail train. Just ask the Victorians.

ROBERT DOW, Rail Back on Track, Regency Downs