LETTER: E10 push reeks of stealthy dictatorship

FREEDOM of speech and freedom of choice is the right of every citizen in a democracy.

However, any attempt to make present choices obsolete by government policies, is undemocratic and the government becomes a dictatorship.

We have seen the present Labor Government's advertisement promoting E10, in preparation for the 2017 removal of all unleaded petrol from Queensland service stations. This has previously been attempted by Anna Bligh's Labor Government in the past, but failed to convince the motoring public of its efficiency and was overwhelmingly rejected. It then faded into history and we thought it was over and done with. Now it has been resurrected by Premier Palaszczuk, to be enforced in 2017. What's in it for the government is always at question. Labor has no mandate to change this.

Trying to convert the public from unleaded fuel, with guarantees that most cars run on E10, is futile. E10 does not deliver the efficiency of unleaded fuel. Motorists will reject anything but unleaded, despite being forced into this dilemma. That means the only alternative to use, will be premium unleaded, at a much higher cost, as proven in other states forced to convert. Taking our democratic right to choose the fuel of choice away, smacks of dictatorship and panders to those set to profit by this uneconomic move, including the government. If premium unleaded is permissible, why take 91 unleaded? It makes no sense.

E10 is only 2 to 3 cents cheaper presently than unleaded and hardly worth the change. Bio-fuels are not as economical and motorists will continue to resist the attempt to force the conversion, despite its benefits to producers.