Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.
Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

LETTER: Dismissal details behind closed doors

UNTIL the public understands the cult of celebrity, headed by the Queen, keeps all controlled by the private financial system subservient as wage slaves, we remain a colony.

The point of the Whitlam dismissal is to establish if the crown well knew what was to happen.

Whitlam expected and should have received supply, and proved we pay to be over governed.

Malcolm Fraser redeemed himself by writing Dangerous Allies.

Unfortunately most politicians don't come to their senses until too late.

As Hawke did by supporting nuclear power multiple times at Woodford Folk Festival, but his boozing has overridden most things.

Apart from the number of editions, the Constitution Overview states "[T]he Constitution is the fundamental law of Australia binding everybody."

This is obviously not true as Native Title excludes the majority of Australians.

The original Constitution was amended to suit the requirements of Queen Victoria, her heirs and successors.

Peter Pronczak

Hervey Bay