Letter: Climate change action needed by government

THE Federal government's lack of policy and preventive action on climate change at a time when catastrophic fires are raging right across the country is pathetic. 

Their untruthful claim that what we do won't make much difference as we contribute only about one per cent of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere is equally contemptible as it fails to take into account the pollution caused by our exported coal. In this we are equally responsible as an accessory.

Professor Ross Garnaut of the University of Melbourne in his recently released book Super Power describes how Australia has the potential to become a super power in a post-carbon world. 

Garnaut points out that Australia's knowledge and research in clean energy, transport, agriculture and carbon capture and storage is a valuable commodity that will be in great demand in South East Asia and other countries going through the transitioning process.

The dinosaurs of Canberra should take note or they too, may become extinct.

TERRY RYAN, Meringandan West