Eddie McGuire

LETTER: Are we in danger of losing our sense of humour?

Now the dust has settled on the Eddie McGuire Caroline Wilson affair I would just like to ask a question.

Are we in danger of losing our sense of humour, which has been a natural characteristic of we Aussies forever.

I am what my children call "a rampant feminist" but I cannot see how the throw away comment on a fun fund raiser caused such a furore.

Surely the comment relates to the journalism, not the gender. Caroline obviously got under Eddie's skin at some stage and challenged his "Collingwooditis" - inevitable in the world of sport I believe, but surely we have all at some stage said "if I could, I'd do him/her in" as a throw-away line

I am deeply saddened that having turned from a nation of hopefuls into a nation of whingers, we are now in danger of being a nation who can't laugh at ourselves.

Ann Morris, Maryborough 

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