Lessons learned from mistakes in dealing with virus

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There have been many positives in the handling of the virus.

Queensland is managing the pandemic well.

PM Scott Morrison fed money into the community. Dealing with the unemployed and, trying to avert business  bankruptcies has been admirable.

Unfortunately the negatives far out weigh the positives.

The speed of the illness came at an alarming rate.

Leaders struggled to come to terms with a virus that took no prisoners.  

Mistakes happened thick and fast as tactics varied.

The lessons were often not learnt from Wuhan.

We continued to debate the use of masks even to recent times.

Lock downs were happening in Wuhan whilst we dithered, then the blunders really started to happen.

Schools were considered immune.  

The Ruby Princess was the biggest disaster.

Isolation was voluntary.

Masks, Isolating, distancing  came too late.

NSW went out of control. People like Hazzard and Chant went missing.

Borders remained open. Andrews gave into the pressure by the committee. Lock downs came too late.

The second wave is here. Aged care cases went out of control.

Just like Victoria. Who's next? Vaccines are only a distant hope. We are far from the end. There could still be a third wave, will we be ready?

David Harris