The 18-year-old was sentenced to 18-months probation with no conviction recorded due to his ‘extreme youth’. File Photo.
The 18-year-old was sentenced to 18-months probation with no conviction recorded due to his ‘extreme youth’. File Photo.

Lenient sentence for ‘extremely dangerous’ attack on cousin

A YOUNG man has escaped prison following an 'extremely dangerous attack' on his cousin, who he is intimately involved with.

The 18-year-old plead guilty to three charges of common assault, assault occasioning bodily harm, and deprivation of liberty before Murgon Magistrates Court.

On Friday July 3, the young man allegedly grabbed the victim and headbutted her three or four times, causing immediate pain and swelling.

The defendant also forced the victim to accompany him to another address, despite her telling him many times that she did not want to go with him.

On the morning of July 4, after an argument broke out in the bedroom, the victim attempted to leave before allegedly being thrown back onto the bed by the defendant.

The court heard he then proceeded to kick the victim in the head five or six times.

Later that day, the defendant assaulted the victim again, punching her in the left-hand side of the jaw.

Again, she attempted to leave, and was told that she could not leave by the defendant.

The victim attended the police station and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Prosecution officer, Sergeant Barry Stevens, described the attack as "extremely dangerous."

"It is remarkable how resilient this woman is and that she didn't sustain further injuries."

According to the defence lawyer, the young man has anger management issues that are exacerbated by alcohol and can be partly attributed to a history of domestic violence.

Of the attack, the lawyer told the court "what he did to this young lady is atrocious and prolonged", and that the victim likely sustained "psychological injuries", as well as physical.

He stated that the young man needs "help with anger management and respect for women" and has told his siblings not to follow in his path.

According to the defendant's mother, the victim has been in contact with him and told him that she is pregnant.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair described the attacks as "cowardly" and "disgusting behaviour", and said while such series offences should call for imprisonment, the defendant was sentenced to 18-months probation with no conviction recorded.

The lenient sentence was attributed to the defendants "extreme youth".

"If you weren't 18, if you hadn't pleaded guilty when you had, if you had any previous convictions, or if any serious injury had resulted from this, you would be going to prison," Magistrate Sinclair said.

An additional charge of stealing has been adjourned to September 1.