Bailey Pashley OAM.
Bailey Pashley OAM. Cordell Richardson

Legendary coach reveals where his future lies

AFTER arriving in Ipswich in 1982, Bailey Pashley drove past a property in Karrabin he knew was perfect for him.

After buying the land, the athletics coach transformed it into a training track and it was from there he guided many local athletes on to greatness.

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It is now the home base for the Lockyer District Athletic Club, formed in 2014.

After calling the place home since the early '80s, now is the time to move on with the property up for sale.

Mr Pashley and wife Maureen are downsizing but don't plan to head too far from Ipswich.

It won't impact his role as head coach of the Lockyer club but he doesn't yet know when he will give it up.

Mr Pashley has kept a list of almost every single person he has coached and notes down their achievements.

He has a particularly talented group of athletes under his wing at the moment, boasting competitors with state and national titles to their name with the world at their feet.

"I recognise I'm in my twilight years of coaching," he smiled.

"It's difficult to hang up the whistle when you've got young talent and probably not enough coaching talent to carry them through."